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September 27, 2004



Excellent post, that I especially enjoyed for obvious reasons.

I agree with you and not Rabbi Wolpe. First on grounds you hinted at. As I understand it, pregnant women are encouraged not to fast on Yom Kippur because of their obligation to their unborn children. Shawn Green is in a position that only a handful of people on earth are in: obligations to millions of people. He did the best he could to honor his obligations to himself, his teammates, Dodger fans, and God. Under Rabbi Wolpe's view, it seems he would accept an orthodox jew's scolding his conservative jewish lifestyle.

In Friday night's game, Green hit a crucial game-tying home run. Not to read to much into it, but it seems Someone up there approved of his decision.

Robbe Richman

Well said! Well, Wolpe, where you at?

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