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October 24, 2004



I was intensely annoyed at the 60 minutes coverage Sunday Oct. 17 and wrote this- thought that you may be interested

I am not a Jew, but cannot allow another of Richard Carleton’s biased and partisan reports on Israel to pass without comment, and in particular with regard to the security wall. He attempted to give the appearance of balance, but it was very inadequate and quite transparent.

His very demeanour, facial expressions and commentary appeared illuminated with extreme anti- Semitism, and yes, hatred was in his eyes. He did a grave disservice to the intelligence of his viewing audience.

With a rising tide of anti-Semitism throughout Europe, spawned by Islamo-fascists and extreme left wing ideologues, whose interests will not be served by a two States solution, this sort of reporting is not only mischievous but dangerous

The Jews have made concession after concession after concession to the Palestinians outrageous demands. Arafat has reneged each and every time, why? Because he has vowed to kill all the Jews drive them into the sea, his desire is to have the whole of Israel and Palestine under his personal control and that of his corrupt and evil regime. What he states in English to the Western Press is not in context that which he speaks in Arabic, to the Palestinian people, ‘Arab street’ and to Al Jazeera.

Whilst he maintains the status quo, Arafat and he PA are in receipt of billions of dollars of aid from the USA and the EU, Saudi Arabia Russia, China and Iran, none of which reaches the suffering populace. Arafat collects commission on virtually all goods and products entering the area under his control, meanwhile his wife Sufa, and their daughter live in ostentatious extravagance in Paris. If a State comes into being, he would lose all this, his personal ‘cash cow’, his power base and his life at risk, for this reason alone he is content to beggar the people of‘’ Palestine’ and keep them enslaved.

ALL deaths sustained by the ‘Palestinians’ are as a direct consequence of Arafat’s murderous regime, not one death would have occurred at the hand of Israel had the Arabs not deliberately slaughtered innocent Israelis, who ask only the right to live in peace.
Richard Carleton referred to the girl age thirteen who was shot by the Israeli Captain, an act the Israeli’s take very seriously indeed and will be investigated thoroughly. We could wish the same of the Palestinian thugs who think nothing of butchering a young pregnant mother and her four little daughters or babes in kindergarten or in their own beds at night, you know the sort of thing, newsworthy for five minutes then forgotten, but no doubt like Abu Ghraib, this will be pursued ad nauseum.

Israel gave up Sinai and her oil wells to Egypt as part of the ‘Oslo Peace Agreement’ and what did they receive for their sacrifice? further death and destruction. They are entitled to retain all lands seized in Gaza and the West Bank under the International Rules of War and engagement.
When any foreign power initiates an act of aggression against a Sovereign State and subsequently is defeated, the country which has been subject to such attack, without any provocation, is entitled under International Law lay to claim any land acquired in the wake of the aggressors defeat. This territory may legally be retained by Israel, until such time an agreement and settlement is reached and signed into being. Arafat seeks to avoid any form of compromise and remains intransigent, despite being offered 99% of all he has demanded he walks away on every occasion.

The Palestinians use every ruse possible to create mayhem and death and they need look no further than their own evil leader and his gangster thugs to thank for the wall/fence. Can anyone truly imagine, that if we were to face on daily basis what Israel has had to endure, that we would have shown the restraint that Israel has always shown?
Mr Howard has rightly stated that we would go after anyone who seeks to terrorise and threaten Australian citizens and in a pre-emptive strike if all else failed.

The wall has saved many, many lives so far. Israel has stated that when the PA stops the murders the wall will be torn down.
The ball is in Arafat’s court.

The Jews have never abused the hospitality of

ANY country in which they have sought refuge, they do not exploit the taxpayers by being consumers of social welfare, they are industrious, very hard working, create businesses and employment for others regardless of colour race or creed, many are great Philanthropists and many a hospital, school, and university are the grateful recipients of their munificence

They are law abiding, respectful of society, they teach their children to honour and accept the laws of their adoptive country. In their schools they educate and encourage their children to attain the highest standards and to develop a strong sense of service to the community. They do not have their religious, the Rabbis, teaching students to hate all who are not of their faith, nor incite them to disrupt and kill, despise and consider all other unclean.

I am left to ponder, why so many who have little belief in any faith of their own, can find it in their hearts to despise a people who have never in history done them any harm?
In the 21st century, we just cannot continue to allow the blame for Christ’s death, for all eternity, to reside with the Jews.
Jesus was a Jew, a radical thinker who incurred the wrath of a few corrupt priests and officials who sought support from the Romans to remove this ‘nuisance,’ the ordinary citizens no more sought his death than we would today. It was politics, at its most venal. At that time in history most of our Western antecedents were tribal barbarians, pagans, garbed in wolf skins butchering all and sundry. The Jews by contrast, were monotheistic had a highly developed society and system of law of developed over 3000 years, at the time of Christ.

I would ask people to consider what other group or communities have contributed so much to the betterment of any society wherein they have sought refuge? In the realms of education, science, medicine, music, art, comedy, literature, theatre and film as a group they have no equal.

It is with urgency, I ask each to examine their conscience, and not allow this rising tide of anti –Semitism to get a foothold in this great country. Too many turned their heads, eyes, ears ignoring the warning signs prior to WW2. We must NEVER let that happen again.

The Jews have never asked for special privileges, they adapt and blend within the society they domicile and are an asset to the betterment of us all.

There are many who have a vested interest and agenda in trying to focus blame for their own inadequacies, lack of success, power or perceived victim status onto to the shoulders of others and the Jews in particular. They have served as society’s ‘whipping boy’ for long enough.

If there is no Israel, where can the Jews go next for refuge? And if Israel and the Jews are destroyed, ask, who will replace them as the recipient of the venom and hatred of the frustrated and malcontent.

Israel is our ‘canary in the mine’ she has the knowledge, the language and the ability to infiltrate as do few others, the’ rogue’ states that would do us harm- she is at the battle front and we must support this noble country, whose citizens are amongst the bravest on earth.

ONLY in Israel can an Arab or Muslim vote, sit it parliament and receive justice. Israel pays millions of dollars US each year to the PA, Palestinian injured and sick beg to be admitted to Israeli hospitals where they are treated according to urgency, not race or creed, even when those who are severely wounded incurred those injuries whilst attacking and fighting the Israelis. How many others could trust their enemy not to do them harm when in a comparable situation. If the situation were reversed the Israeli injured would be dragged from their sick beds and torn to pieces whilst the onlookers danced and ululated.

The Israelis return the bodies of all Palestinians killed in battle to the families for burial, the Palestinians however steal the bodies of dead Israelis, mutilate and desecrate their remains and refuse to return the corpse for ritual burial thus enhancing the anguish of the bereaving families.

We keep hearing about ‘Right of return’ most of the ‘so called Palestinians’ are Egyptians, as is Arafat, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese and Arabs whose former countries refuse to let them return and resettle. What is little commented on, is the 900,000 plus Jews from the Diaspora, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Arabia Lebanon who were forced from their homes and businesses, taking only what was on their backs and what they were able to carry in their hands and sometimes not even that. This does not include the thousands of dispossessed Christians, Zoastrians and Suffis that little Israel has also absorbed from these self same Arab countries, people the Arabs, neither acknowledge nor want, but to whom was also home from the dawn of time. All the dispossessed from Arab /Muslim controlled lands, were deprived of their all, not solely in material assets, homes, businesses, bank accounts, many had their identity stolen with the confiscation of passports and birth certificates, their whole life’s work misappropriated /stolen by the voracious Arab, but, their cultural heritage obliterated in their wake. No reparation has been offered nor ever will be, but the Arabs demand this of Israel..
Twenty years ago Bethlehem was 80% Christian now it is 80% Arab Muslim

Certain other groups enter our shores by illegal and devious means, then seek to have special privileges, social security and free housing as well as claiming special rights under our laws, then presume to abuse the very people who gave them succour and opportunities. They do not assimilate nor intend to, rather they would seek to burden and have us submit to the very regimes they escaped from.
They are racist and self centred- this can never be said of our Jews most who now have been here for several generations.

For the past three years since 9/11, freed from the burden of paid employment, I sought to increase my knowledge of Islam, the Middle East and Israel. At first it was in part, a seeking to understand Islam and Muslims for whom I felt genuine concern, fearing a hate campaign against those who had no part or connection to Islamic terrorism.
I spend many hours each week reading books on Islam and searching the internet, which provides much knowledge that would take many years to research in a library.
What I have learned has made me a committed supporter of Israel any who value freedom will support her also.
In every society there are those who will never be content for whatever reason, and rather than work to enhance society, seek to destroy the fabric of the existing one, to replace it with some mystical utopian socialist paradise
They ignore the realities of the totalitarian states that saw millions tortured, starved and killed in the ‘great’ experiment to build a socialist utopia.

Palestine is run by such a man, no Muslim Arafat, rather a fanatic who learned his role at the knee of his fascist Uncle- who was Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WW2, a staunch admirer of Hitler who shared Hitler’s dream to destroy all Jewry worldwide.
We should never ally ourselves to such a man or such a brutal and devilish regime- we do so at our peril. Deceit, lies and broken agreements are to him and his follower’s considered a code of honour.

“60 Minutes’ to its credit has been responsible for some wonderful reporting and stories over the years, but its moral equivalence with regard to the Israel/Palestine conflict leaves one with no option but to draw the conclusion that they would rather promulgate a lie than lose access to the PA which would be the case if they showed some integrity, reported with honesty what is really is occurring under Arafat’s leadership to the benighted Palestinians and ceased peddling what the PA propaganda machine directs.

If the media wish to aid the Palestinian cause, they should use their knowledge and talents to report the truth. The public needs to learn of the corruption within Arafat’s fiefdom and the complicity of that other corrupt body the UN.
All governments should cease all funding to the PA forthwith, financial aid is appeasement, it serves only to swell the pockets of Arafat and his henchmen and enables the purchase of sophisticated armaments and of suicide bombers to murder even more innocents within Israel, nothing to ease the suffering people under the control of their

Israel, the ONLY democracy in the Middle East who is not even allowed a seat at the UN, who is constantly accused of atrocities, though its defence forces are careful in the extreme, of where and whom they target and always in direct response to an outrage on their civilian population.
Yet the amount of print, film and recording, denigrating and decrying Israel is in stark contrast to the deafening silence and absence of comment on the corruption endemic within the UN, the role of Sudan sitting on the Human Rights commission whilst allowing the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Darfur, Husseins brutality and Chinas treatment of Tibet to name but a few.

In conclusion, the viewing audience is becoming increasingly informed and demands much more of the MSM than the selective pastiche that passes for information and trusted in the past. If the Media wishes to remain relevant in the future it has to lift its game and treat its audience as intelligent beings, a lesson that should have been learnt from CBS and Dan Rather’s “60 Minutes” with regard to the fraudulent ‘Bush Memos.’


Iserael and Australia more in common than we knew from a very reliable source!!!!!!!!!!!


Rose has said it all. Thank you, Rose. What's wrong with Sumner Redstone? A very smart guy. Does he watch 60 Minutes?

Gilbert Weinstein

What about the Friedman equation:

Jewish "far" Right = Hezbollah

(in that same October 24 column)

This is bordering on criminal. "Settler" Rabbis, a blot on the Jewish
people according to "Modern Era Jewish Luminary" Thomas Friedman, do not
advocate wanton indiscriminate murder. Nor do they send other people's
children strapped with explosives to blow themselves up among infants,
pregnant women, and the elderly.

It's one thing to disagree with the political views of the Religious
National Camp, quite another to compare them to a gang of murdering thugs.

While you are deconstructing Friedman you should really shine a light on
this base foul comparison of his.

Gilbert Weinstein


So let me try - as a typical guilt-ridden westerner raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition - to understand the Muslim mind. Osama bin Laden lists among his grievances (cited in one or another of his fatwas) 1) American troops in Saudi Arabia 2) sanctions on Iraq which were killing innocent Iraqis 3) American support for dictatorships in the ME and 4) Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Now a few short years later 1) American troops are out of Saudi Arabia (never mind what they were doing there in the first place - defending Muslims against aggression) 2) the sanctions on Iraq are over 3) the US has toppled the worst of the ME dictators and is preparing for democratic elections in Iraq and 4) Israel plans to pull out of Gaza. Yet the Muslim world despises the Jews and Americans more than ever before. Well it would certainly appear that there is no pleasing some people. What can I say - fool me once - shame on you - fool me twice - shame on me. Meanwhile Haim Harari's quote above says it all. It is quite evidently the Muslims themselves who think life is so very cheap - look at them blowing up their compatriots right and left in Iraq and using the Palestinians as cannon fodder in a proxy war against Israel. Americans still seem so very worried about how Muslims view them. Maybe the Muslim world should start worrying about the coming day when it dawns on even the most guilt-ridden westerners (that would usually be the political left) that they are being "played ". Then the West is going to need a grand 12 step Al Anon program to understand the ramifications of having "enabled" the self-destructive Muslims - even though they be "dry-drunks".

Andrew Montin

How are Rose's comments not racist? How can people who declare "never again" give in to this kind of rubbish?

Ben Skott

What exactly is racist about what Rose wrote? She obviously did a lot of research and put a lot of thought into what she wrote. She did not defend any of the horrible things the Israelis have done, because there have been so few, and when an Israeli does something horrible, he/she is punished. She also does not defend the horrible things that Muslim extremists have done, because there is no defense, and no shame on their side.

What's racist is not being upset over the expelling of 1,000 year old Jewish communities from Arab countries, and then being upset when Israel won't let Arabs who who fled Israel of their own volition back in. That's taking almost the same situation and saying it's ok to do it to the Jews, but it's bad to do it to the Muslims. That is racism, pure and simple.


Rose wrote nothing racist whatsoever. What I wrote was far more racist. And what Andrew wrote was pure politically correct Bulls**t. And while political correctness may give the left some false sense of virtuous ego - it does nothing in reality to help the Palestinian people. In fact I would say that it is the Israeli's - far more than the Arabs - who are the ones who ironically have the best interests of the Palestinians at heart. And I am not Jewish. I am just an impartial observer who was quite ignorant of many of these issues until a few years ago when I set out to educate myself. I had no dog in this fight. In fact I had been fed a constant diet of pro-Palestinian rhetoric from my own leftist sibling - who actually travelled to the territories to observe the checkpoints. And from this impartial observer's perspective - Rose is dead on. My sibling and I are barely speaking now - as I refuse to blindly tow the leftist line. People are so very confused politically right now as far as I can tell. The term "nazi" is thrown about so loosely (to describe Bush or the Israeli's for example) that unthinking peoples seem to bend over backwards in order to avoid the label - not even realizing that in doing so they are falling right into the trap of Nazi propoganda.

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