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September 20, 2005


Isaac B2

Excellent commentary as always, Rick. And, as is often the case, you're totally right. I'm passing a link to this post along to some others.

J. Lichty

Spot on. I find myself constantly railing on Hitchens in the National Review crowd that is in love with Mel Gibson, fell over itself in supporting the Gaza surrender, and embraces Hitch because he is a former leftist who supports the war effort in Iraq.

There are just some issues where the guy is plain wrong.


Agreeing with all the above comments, I must say I am sick to death of hearing about the Palestinians' rights (never their responsibilities). I don't know what it would take to alter the course of public conversation in that direction, but in terms of anyone's "right" to a state, read

David Meir-Levi:

"In my opinion, Israel has no right to exist. And that is because, in reality, no country in the world and throughout all of history has a right to exist. No country in the world exists today by virtue of its 'right'. All countries exist today by virtue of their ability to defend themselves against those who seek their destruction."

As for Hitchens, I join Rick in saying YES, the Palestinians should be abandoned to their own devices. I'm all for it. Count me in. The sooner, the better.

Isn't that what the wall and the disengagement plan were all about in the first place.


Alex Bensky

So what does explain Hitchens' problem with Israel? There is an obvious answer but although that's usually the right one, I don't think it is in his case. But what is?

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