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July 13, 2006



Soccer Dad writes to say that another excellent statement to the UN was made by Ambassador John C. Danforth on October 4, 2004, opposing a resolution proposed by Algeria:

“[U]nfortunately the United Nations, both the General Assembly and the Security Council, . . . acts as the adversary of Israel and the cheerleader of the Palestinians. . . .

“The problem of Qassam rockets is not a new one; it goes back a long time. This past summer, attacks began to inflict casualties on Israeli citizens. Last June, these rockets killed two Israelis, one of whom was three years old.

“Last Wednesday, September 29th, Qassam rockets killed two Israeli children, one age 2, one age 4. With this act, Hamas claimed credit for what it called ‘victory over the enemy,’ the enemy being a two-year old child and a four-year old child.

“After two years passed, after the death of children, it is not unreasonable that Israel felt the need to respond. And it did.”


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