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August 04, 2006


Dolores Grissom

I hate to ask another country to stay the course when their people are dying and their cities are being bombed, but Israel must not make the mistake of GIVING IN. The UN is a corrupt,worthless organization and if anything had been done about Hezbollah earlier Israel would not now be so vulnerable. It was a terrible mistake for Israel to have withdrawn from any of the previously occupied areas, which allowed your enemies to only come closer.
I don't know what's wrong with the world today, but I do know that in my opinion Israel is the only country who is doing the right thing the right way.
If you are attacked, you fight back, and if you must go to war, then you go to WIN.
I aplogize for my own country, the USA, who prefers to back down from most everything these days. Diplomacy does not work with terrorists, and even in America with 9/11 we have not learned our lessons very well and we will probably pay the price in the future.

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