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March 02, 2008



Dear Laura,
This is the most gripping account that makes one understand and feel at least a bit what the realities are.What a shame we did not read this several years ago.
It must be very similar to the experience of the Blitz.If you can continue, it would be a significant contribution
to understanding what it is to be a Jew in Israel in 2008, the 60th year
of defending against this barbarism.
Thank you.
G-d Bless you and all of the Jews of Israel.I pray the military has considered all contingencies this time.


Very helpful account, thanks for sharing it.

Robert Richman

wow, I had no idea.


It angers me so much when i read this, not at Israel but at how biased the media is, some would almost go as far as to say modern day anti-semitism. The peopel of Sderot and surrounding areas are so brave. I am actually seriosuly considering doing some volunteer work in Sderot this september. Am Yisrael Chai.

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