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June 22, 2011


Allen Z. Hertz

18th century Prussian King Frederick the Great said that dissimulation is one of the arts of kingship. President Obama similarly places great store in dissimulation. He frequently carefully crafts comments so that they will likely be "understood" in different ways by different audiences. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. A skillful politician like Obama knows this. Accordingly, buyer beware! Are there still American Jews who believe that Obama is "a friend" of the Jewish People and Israel? To be sure, Obama likes American Jews as generous campaign contributors but is stone cold to the self-determination rights of the Jewish People as a People like other Peoples. There are also some USA Jews stone cold to the self-determination rights of the Jewish People. But, fortunately, they are still the minority among USA Jews. Perhaps there will come a time when the majority of American Jews will have to choose between their loyalty to the Jewish People and to Obama who is stone cold to the Jewish People and to Israel.

Mannie Sherberg

Rick -- I'm convinced these so-called spokespersons who infest our federal bureaucracy are hired for one reason: They excel at obfuscation. In both statements you've cited -- the SAO's and Nuland's -- contradictories are uttered as if they are perfectly logical pairings, and without the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance. This is an exceedingly difficult trick for rational people schooled in coherent and sequential thinking to pull off. So I suspect the politicians who hire these folks look for three traits before making the hire: (1) a glib tongue, (2) a muddled brain, and (3) an ability to voice the most outrageous poppycock without demonstrating embarrassment. What ticks me off is not that they get away with it -- there's always been a market for clowns and jesters -- but that they make big bucks doing it. (On a different topic: Terrific piece in today's PJM. As I see it, you've reached the pinnacle when you can call David Solway one of your colleagues. Congratulations -- and keep on teaching all of us as you do!)

Rick Richman

Hi Mannie -- the trifecta is to (1) make the illogical pairing, (2) keep a straight face while doing so, and (3) in case of questions, refer to the "totality" of the president's remarks.

The President's speech last night, announcing a retreat from Afghanistan, is entitled on the White House website "The President's Remarks on the Way Forward in Afghanistan." The retreat from the front bumps into the leadership from behind -- and is announced under a title written by someone without the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance.

Dr. Chemical

Barack is obviously a brilliant physicist and is applying the principles of quantum mechanics to the mid east peace process. He has entangled the Palestinian and Israeli positions and as illustrated below, his true position depends on who is observing it at any given time.


Security Products

Barack Obama has achieved his ambition of making the Middle East the centerpiece of his foreign policy. The problem is that he has done so for all the wrong reasons.

In June 2009 the U.S. President took to the stage at Cairo University to revolutionize Washington's relationship with the Arab world. Except that in his now famous speech, Mr. Obama's primary intention in pleading for a "new beginning" was to revive the moribund peace process between Israelis and Palestinians.

Fueling popular uprisings of the sort now sweeping the far corners of the Arab world were not on his agenda.

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