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November 18, 2004



Great to see W telling the world whatfor and not coddling the Palestinians.

Barry Freedman


Got here through Powerline and very glad I did. You do an excellent job of showing where things are and where they are moving.

I am tremendously grateful that we have a President like George W. Bush that calls Natan Sharansky to Washington instead of Arafat. There is real reason for hope.

I see only one flaw in the "strategy" -- the assumption that wars don't break out between democracies. One of the main arguments made in the Federalist Papers for the need for the Union was that without it the likelihood of war between the States was substantially greater -- also let us remember the American Civil War.

Democracy, if it comes to the Middle East, will be the beginning of a stable peace but that peace will only be truly stable if Israel has defensible borders. The idea of concessions of any land by Israel for peace -- even with a democratic neighbor, should be scrapped for this reason.

Barry Freedman

Barry Freedman


Here is an important interview with Natan Sharansky where he explains his opposition to "disengagement."


I wonder if his book deals directly with this issue and whether it was directly discussed at the meeting between Bush and Sharansky. Have you read the book? Do you know more about the meeting?


Aryeh Green

Barry: Yes, yes, and yes. The book clearly describes just why "disengagement" cannot but harm efforts to encourage the development of a free society in the Palestinian areas, and yes this issue was discussed in the meeting.

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