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July 27, 2005


Isaac B2

Great post, Rick -- great interview, I should say. Levin's comments about the connection between diaspora entities and Israel are on point; many of the Jewishly-involved folks I know fondly recall their high-school trips to Israel, and most of those trips were sponsored and run by local Federations. Reminding us of the connection to our people, our past, and our present -- including our connection Israel -- is so necessary to a strong Jewish identity. And a strong Jewish people.

Harry Shamir

Re: "psychological responses common among chronically besieged populations, whether minorities subjected to defamation, discrimination and assault or small nations under chronic attack by their neighbors."

Comment: is there a way to comprehend the Arab-Falastinian psyche along similar lines? After all from their point of view it is they who are under siege etc. If it can be comprehended, what new insights can this reveal in the struggle to remove violence from the equation?

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