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July 15, 2005



"Douglas Feith once suggested explicitly that the Oslo process resembled the Battered Wife Syndrome: "

This is somewhat amusing coming from Feith.
During the 80's the Arab League, the EU and the State Dept., declared the PLO and Arafat to represent the Palestinians. Israel had no choice in the matter and everytime they objected they were castigated for being intransigent.
Remember James "FtheJs" Baker telling Shamir that when he gets serious he had the phone number to call FtheJs Baker?
I suppose he could see the "wifebeater" Israel had for an ally.
Rabin had to try something and unfortunately Baker's choice for him was very bad.
Sharon has almost a similar situation where Abbas was the "Quartet's choice.
America is threatening to abstain in a UN vote on sanctions thus putting him an unenviable position.
Such a boycott in 2004 was avoided at a cost.
The Palestinians are once more calling for sanctions because of the fence and if implemented we know where that will lead.
Israel is driven to comply with the "Roadmap" and Abbas has been given a pass.
Remember that Rice is on record of stating that the Palestinians have to have a "contiguous" state in Gaza and the West Bank. Bush was the first to demand that state and now all his waffle of democracy and the elimination of terrorism has gone the way of the wind.
This type of double dealing does not mean that Israelis are so beaten to give up their security for a dream of peace but that they are being given "a choice they cannot refuse".
Gingrich had an article
"Defeat of Terror, Not Roadmap Diplomacy, Will Bring Peace" which is not the case in which Israel finds itself.

"Israeli negotiators began engaging Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza as a result of the 1987-91 Palestinian intifada. But, the Arab League, European Union, and, eventually the U.S. State Department, instead pushed for the Palestine Liberation Organization leadership, long exiled and resident in Tunisia, to be recognized as the voice of the Palestinian people. That decision effectively purged local Palestinians—who had a self-interest in a durable peace—from the process. Gangs and vigilantes loyal to Arafat often intimidated and even murdered those Palestinians who sought to raise an independent voice."

The Israelis made mistakes but basically had to take the risk to prove one way or another what was correct. Unfortunately that lesson does not seem to have been learned in Washington for Bush to Walk the Talk!

Yes, Feith in his arrogance can talk of BWS especially as it comes from his and his master's hands.
Like true men they can only beat their wives.

Just an aside why is it that Abbas and the terrorist groups come to an agreement to implement "tahdiya", a period of calm, and Israel is blamed when the peace is shattered?
Where are those pundits to explain how after 50 years of double standards from so called allies, wars and violence a nation cannot be anything but punchdrunk?

Isaac B2

Rick, that's a great post; the argument makes so much sense: no matter how much "they" hurt us, we desperately want to believe we can have a healthy relationship, and that it may even be our own fault, in a way.

I'm sharing this post with a few others -- thanks.

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