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August 26, 2005


Kirk H. Sowell

Also take a look at the Palestinian reaction to the killing of Islamic Jihad leaders in Tulkarm. These terrorists have been living openly in the Palestinian-administered city, and now Qurea is leading the way in condemning Israel for killing them. I have some discussion of this and a link to more info in my post from yesterday: After the Gaza Pullout.


So basically the NYT in its war on the Bush Admin has been, to some degree, creating incitement against Rice among some of its readers?
Then of course one must include the spin the international media will put on this as they 'quote' the NYT.

One still has to wait to see how Rice and co., walk the walk
"PA won't disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad - By KHALED ABU TOAMEH"

Then there is this other report
""Washington sees the Shebaa Plateau as containing the potential of another Middle East crisis and the main excuse for Hizbullah's continued presence," a Lebanese official said. "We have been given the impression that results could be expected over the next year."
Members of Ms. Rice's delegation told Siniora that the administration would demand a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa after the unilateral pullout from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank in August."

But according to the UN it is satisfied with Israel's complete withdrawal from Lebanon a few years back.
Sheba Farms is an Israeli/Syrian issue so it is most strange that Rice is agreeing to Hezbollah threats for regional stability.


So this is an example of the NYT's "professional" journalism and a reflection of the "layers and layers" of review each story goes through before printing?

Give me a blog and the real truth any day.

Thanks! This is a real service.


Dowd would be Proud!

The New York Times continues to live down to its reputation.

Solomon X

I figured out this NYT propaganda effort myself last Tuesday on littlegreenfootballs. It is very sinister that the NYT can manipulate foreign policy this way.

Link: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=17186#c0201

Robert Schwartz

As Rush said: "When I read something in the NYTimes, I say to my self: 'That is very interesting, I wonder if it is true.'"


Rice personally, and the entire Bush admistration, generally, needs to refuse to speak to NTY and openly complain, every time anyone in the press asks, about fabricating quotes. The NYT's first amendment rights do not trump any American's right to *not* speak to them if they so choose. Elected official, apointed official, employee, or peasant-like-us.


I'm relieved and my confidence in Dr. Rice is restored. Thank you, BLOGS!

Shame, shame, shame on the nyt .. once again.


Rick, did you forward this post to the New York Times' Public Editor? If not, please do -- I don't think anybody there can be counted on to read blogs on their own, and this issue must be brought to the paper's attention. Thanks.


Wow, I knew the NYT Times has a obsessive and biased liberal agenda, but this is way over the top. I should have known when I first read the quote, since Condi wouldn't say anything that f*cked upu.

William Bellor

Does anyone who matters even care what the NY Times prints anymore?

Walter E. Wallis, P.E.

I believe this is reason enough to revoke the NYT press privileges to any government facility, and to openly announce the revocation.


I'm no fan of the Times, and I think they've been guilty of many egregious errors.

But, that being said, I think that, in the final analysis, the error here was mostly one of emphasis and context. I wrote a post today based on some new information about this that made me come to that conclusion. It turns out that on another occasion Ms. Rice said something similar, and less ambiguous (see the "addendum" to the post for the details). As I said, and as you also point out, the problem is one of emphasis and context. This is the URL for the post: http://neo-neocon.blogspot.com/2005/08/okay-ny-times-so-what-have-you-got-to.html


Looks like the NYT caught out Krauthammer. See:


Robert H. Becker

The only way to make the NYT an honest paper is to stop subscribing to it and to encourage advertisers to use other media to promote their wares and services. Loss of income and subscribers will get their attention like no other action.

Chaim Spielman

Thanks for setting this straight. After reading the NYT article, I thought Condi was drinking the State Department Cool Aid.

Chaim Spielman

Thanks for setting this straight. After reading the NYT article, I thought Condi was drinking the State Department Cool Aid.


But we have such fine standards and practices from the asst. mgr. of the NYT, Mr. Allen Siegel. How can this be?

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