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October 27, 2005



From this morning's Jerusalem Post:

"What was surprising was the public support by some members of Fatah's Aksa Martyrs Brigades for the bombing and their stated intention to also carry out attacks inside Israel in response to every initiated action by the IDF in the territories.

"The statements made live in front of the world media were in direct contrast to the condemnation of the attack by PA leaders. . . .

"The suicide bomber was identified as 20-year-old Hassan Abu Zeid, from the West Bank village of Kabatiya. He reportedly served time in an Israeli prison, but was released because he was classified as not having blood on his hands."


There was this on WND
Abbas-linked group involved in Hadera blast
"Terror leader of Al Aqsa group promises more attacks to come"

"But sources close to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Abbas' Fatah movement, told WND: "Al Aqsa let Islamic Jihad take full responsibility so they could get the credit for retaliating against Israel's killing of their leaders. Jihad needs this attack. But Al Aqsa was involved, too."

The groups never operate independently of each other, nor of others such as Hezbollah, and that was the biggest lie Arafat perpetrated against the gullible, naive rulers we have.


State terrorism is the worst kind of evil. you people use the holocoust as a mask to cover your treatment of palestinians. u have used suicide attacks, by a depserate and oppressed people, to discredit them. may allah destroy the double standard and hypocritical zionist. may Palestine become what is was 100years ago, and may all the non hypocritical and non evil jews, muslims and christians live together in peace.

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