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November 30, 2005



Well said. Not only have they demonstrated a complete lack of interest in dismantling their terrorist organizations, they've stated repeatedly their willingness to utilize those organizations for the complete destruction of Israel.
I suggest that Israel completely trash the peace process until the Palestinians make progress in destroying their terrorist groups.


Let's put the issue of the PLO's (obvious) real intentions aside and concentrate on Ariel Sharon for a minute. Disengagement, preemptive separation, preemptive de facto borders, preemptive uprooting of Jewish communities; these are all old leftwing ideas discarded by Israel's left in favor of Oslo. Now that Oslo failed they've been repackaged by Sharon and made to sound like tough talk. American conservatives have been completely hoodwinked by this man, who is doing the devil's work and hiding behind Bush's skirt. The fact is, thanks to Sharon, Gaza is now an enormous staging area for Hamas and Al Qaeda and preparations are being made to expedite travel between Gaza and the West Bank. What's more, after Israel's next election the new Sharon government will clearly be way left-of-center and the Socialist Peretz will have a great deal of influence. Again, all this has been brought on by Sharon, who won in a landslide by campaigning against the very policies he's pursued from day one after becoming PM.

Before long, after the next "intifada" begins, this period will be known as the American conservative movement's Oslo.

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