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December 28, 2005



Richard Just, the editor of The New Republic Online, says:

“[T]he thing that bothered me most about Munich -- and that has received little attention in the early round of reviews and commentary -- was the film's final scene. The movie concludes in New York, and after the dialogue ends the camera pans away from the actors and towards the Manhattan skyline, where it comes to rest on a shot of the Twin Towers. . . .

“One can view the last shot as drawing a loose but linear link between decades of Israeli counterterrorism and September 11. This false yet potent link already exists in the minds of some Americans and many Europeans. It is reasonable to fear that after millions see Munich, the link will exist in the minds of many more.” (http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?i=w051219&s=just122405&c=2).

It is an interesting question whether the movie most harmful to the Jews in 2005 was “The Passion” or “Munich.” The first was a passion play that energized the most fervent supporters of Israel in America. The second was an endorsement of moral appeasement and a criticism of Israel with a reprehensible visual attack at the end.


Spielberg is a typical Hollywood liberal wallowing in self-adulation and blinkered by his perceived moral superiority. A man who can sit through eight hours of Fidel Castro's inane rants and then proclaim it the most profound and moving experience of his life is a moron whatever his technical brilliance or professional virtuosity.

Kate Wright

Going to film school to "study" film, and going to journalism school to "study" journalism is like going to Walgreen's to "study" medicine.

Kate Wright's "Munich" stands for "Appeasement" was published on The American Thinker, and picked up by Real Clear Politics. Read the historical perspective!


In the old joke, comedy is you slipping on a banana peel; tragedy is when I do. For Spielberg, his own criticism of Israel and Bush is “a form of love.” But criticism of him and his movie is censorship, non-Jewish, anti-democratic and “bad for everyone.”


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Robbe Richman

A good commentary and the last line does say it all, however Spielberg makes a point that some people want his film "back in the can." I have spoken to people who are boycotting the film only based on the reviews. He also makes the point that this is stirring something up in people that goes much deeper than a three hour film. To a certain extent it seems that Spielberg is being killed as the messenger of that emotion.

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