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March 15, 2006


J. Lichty

. . . and few in Israel care. They would rather be identified as moderates or centrists than think at all about history.


But he’ll solve the demographic problem!

The one that, based on a false projection starting from a unverified 10-year old base and using unverifiable (and probably erroneous) assumptions, projects that, sometime around 2020, an Arab baby will be born in the West Bank that will make the entire population at that moment West of the Jordan River 50.000001% Arab and thus – presto – delegitimize Israel.

The problem that thus has to be solved right now, in the middle of an existential war. So that everything will be changed.

With that change, however, by 2020 we may have an as-yet-unnamed new holiday commemorating the destruction of Israel in 2012. We will be able to take comfort, however, in the fact that, had it survived, Israel would have been a Jewish state (even according to Palestinian statisticians).

Devorah W

Olmert made Gush Katif judenrein and turned it into a terrorist haven. Now, he plans the same for Judea and Samaria, creating Hamastan and jeopardizing the entire state of Israel. He will get worse than jail which he deserves. He will have the condemnation of Jewish history,


This is how bad things are: When I read Devorah W's comment that Olmert "will have the condemnation of Jewish history," I thought how optimistic she is to believe there will BE a Jewish history.


From Sarah Honig's important column yesterday:

"[Olmert] poses as the executor of Sharon's political last testament, deliberately obscuring the fact that, before his stroke, Sharon stated there'd be no more unilateral moves (not that anything he said could be taken at face value).

"Fawning journalists don't harp on contradictions nor demand to know how Olmert plans to effect a separation between Israelis and Palestinians; how he'll expel 100,000 settlers when he couldn't resettle the 9,000 already uprooted; how a judenrein heart of the Jewish homeland and narrower territorial confines will enhance Israel's security; how his line of retreat will become Israel's new border when neither the Palestinians nor the international community would recognize it; how bestowing free gifts on Hamas would cool its genocidal ardor, and how he'll prevent Kassam rockets from spoiling the fun of Israelis in Kfar Saba or Ben-Gurion Airport."


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