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March 09, 2006



Thanks to Ed Lasky for the reference to Michael Ledeen's testimony, which the New York Sun has printed here: http://www.nysun.com/testimony.php

J.  Lichty

Meanwhile - the matter has not despite Europe's and El-Baradei's failure to obtain an Agreement (not even mentioning an Agreement which will work), the matter has not been referred to by the UNSC and even when it is will be watered down, vetoed or pyhrically sucessful in that it will impose more ineffective sanctions on Iran which will be broken by Europe, Russia, China, South Africa, OIC Countries, Canada, Venezuela etc.

Ledeen may be right that there are other options, but they all end in regime change.

If this is more than tough talk (which I seriously doubt) then I join with Michael Ledeen and urge "Faster Please."


It's unfortunate, but words often do NOT have consequences - nor do actions.

For decades the Left has gotten away with saying and doing whatever it pleased with virtually no consequences.

I happen to believe Mr. Bush, but why would anyone else?

For examples look to the lives of the Esteemed Sentors from MA.


Excellent speech


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