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June 28, 2006



Would these Times people even try to defend themselves from being anti Semitic anti Israel creeps? Do they somehow think they are being even handed or fair? We need to make a bigger tummolt about this newspaper than just blog about it ... its out of control.


Why is it that after two decades of having a raison d'etre of destroying Israel, is it enough in the eyes of these reporters for Hamas to recognize Israel "implicitly." It's word games. (I've been bashing the WaPo for the same thing.)


Must read
I'm Afraid It Will Be Like This


"The rest of the world thinks we’re looking for a kidnapped soldier, so they don’t really get this massive reaction. The EU’s beginning to express concern. Bombing bridges was OK, but arresting the members of Hamas’ parliament, they think, is a bit over the top. Buzzing Assad’s palace, we’re told, was provocative. Maybe.

The reason they don’t get it is that they think we’re looking for a soldier. But we’re not. We’re looking for Gilad"


Thank you, Mal. Daniel Gordis' dispatch is essential reading.

Excellent point, soccerdad. The NYT and WaPo would breathlessly report implicit moderation if Hamas would just use the word "Israel" in a sentence that does not include the phrase "apes and pigs." Check out soccerdad's post at http://soccerdad.baltiblogs.com/archives/2006/06/30/q_q_with_scott_wilson.html

Chaim -- hey, don't knock blogs. Since this one runs on a break-even basis, it makes more money than the NYT!

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