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June 26, 2006


J. Lichty


Something about the Olmert response to the kidnapping has struck me as peculiar, and it seems to be something Sharon and others have done as well.

They seem to regard attacks on IDF soldiers as acts of terrorism (debatable), occasionally acts of war, and usually worthy of Israeli "harsh retaliation."

On the other hand, theses "centrists" are rarely able to muster such outrage when Israeli civilians are murdered or are subject to a daily barrage of rockets.

It seems to me that the only logical and coherent policy is:

1) attacks against IDF are not terrorism, but are acts of war. We consider it a declaration of war and will act as such;

2) acts against civilians are acts of terrorism and we will find and kill all terrorists and those who harbor them.

In each case the Hamas government (and Its PA predecessor, Fatah) should be held responsible, but are not.

It is right to be outraged, but the response usually seems misplaced and reactive.

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