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August 29, 2006



I read Mel Montgomery’s discussion of Mel Gibson’s comments and his disagreement with Rabbi Wolpe. And I read your disagreement with Mr. Montgomery’s discussion.

I’d like to add one point. While I’d like to think that, like Mr. Montgomery, we’re all concerned with Gibson’s “redemption” and his “forgiveness” and of the how the Jewish community would “look better” if it could handle the situation differently, I prefer to be concerned with the redemption of all of those who feel that Gibson is some kind of icon, whose opinions and directions should be followed not because they are well thought out statements, but because of his celebrity. There are groups of people out there that are not afforded the luxury of discussions of redemption and forgiveness. They are so influenced by the persona that Gibson’s movies have made larger than life that they have trouble separating fact from fantasy. Stanislaw Lec also said, “When smashing monuments, save the pedestals; they may come in handy.” I’m concerned about the various publics that are so hungry for a hero that they’ll idolize a man like Gibson and believe that whatever he says is true. And by the way, it was not Gibson’s father who uttered those words to the police that night. Mr. Gibson will have to live with that “sin” himself.

So while I’m not smart enough to know how Mr. Gibson can repair any damage he’s done, I’d rather seek redemption and forgiveness for someone or some group that is not so rich, not so arrogant and not so defiant and who’s salvation could really mean something. Any suggestions?


S Silverstein

I keep pointing out that the problem here is not bad scholarship. Through encouragement of Islamic terrorists by their paper and appearances, Walt and Mearsheimer have become de facto accessories to murder.

Think of the role their kind of "scholar" played in, say, 1938.

S Silverstein

Steven Walt holds the Robert and Renee Belfer multimillion-dollar Endowed Professorship of International Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Robert and Renee Belfer's reaction to Walt and Mearsheimer's CAIR production? Nothing. Nil.

Thanks, Mr. Belfer. Bury your head in the sand deeper.

Oh, by the way, where did Mr. Belfer earn his millions? See http://www.apfn.org/enron/belfer.htm .

Walt and Belfer make excellent companions.

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