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October 20, 2006



Could this be a reason to actually vote out Republicans??? Force a democrat-led Congress to approve 40 or 50k more troops into Iraq, something many of them lament we haven't done and should have? And if they say no? I like this!

Fred Gallarghy

And so ends the American Century.

Fred Edwards

Just as the Media LIED about the Tet offensive, they have conducted a constant campaign against the Iraq war (and the healthy economy,and any attempts to monitor Al-Quada communications etc)! The American public buys into this garbage as they did in Vietnam.There's no way the pussyfooting Democrats will step up. They'll pass the buck to the corrupt,do-nothing ever UN.


Our military spending exceeds that of the next 50 countries combined.

Strategically, neither North Korea nor Iran represent anything like the threat posed by, say, Germany or Japan circa the late 1930's.

Bill Kristol may be afraid, but the rest of us don't have to be. We're strong, we're wealthy, we're technologically advanced. We don't have to lash out like some kind of cornered animal because some Peasant Regime in north-east Asia detonates a faulty nuclear weapon in a mine shaft.

Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il are demagogues that predicate their own political power on whipping people into a frenzy about how dangerous the outside world is.

By responding to them in this breathless, hyperbolic way we are playing directly into their hands.

This is what they want us to do, just like Osama Bin Laden wanted us to invade Iraq.

The success of these "evil dictators" rests on goading us into making strategic miltary blunders. They thrive on war and conflict, because without them they would be nothing.

That's the difference between us and Islamo-Fascists. They only offer bloodshed. We offer life, wealth, and hope for the future.

Bill Kristol is in effect disarming us of our most potent weapon. His argument for war is the argument of a coward. We have to be stronger than that.

john buchanan

John Hinderaker is a buffoon when it comes to American policy. The public record that he and his Powerline colleagues have created will soon come crashing down under a vicious barrage of reality.
The fact is that American foreign policy has been set back for a generation as a result of diasastrous Bush policies -- all of which mirrored the September 1, 2000 "Rebuilding America's Defenses" initiative put forth, via the Project for the New American Century by none other than Bill Kristol -- and signed on to by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, et. al. BEFORE they even got "elected."
Their failure is monumental -- and on the record forever.
Iran and North Korea will both go nuclear, and in light of our own aggression in the world, what fair-minded person can blame them? You can;t have it both ways. When you violate international treaties at will, as Bush & Co. have for six years, what moral or intellectual leverage is left when another country does?


President Bush will be out of office in early 2009. Then a new president will do what Bush cannot do, which is to abandon Iraq to the militias, tribes and clerics. The only good thing to come of any of it will be that the reputation of the USA as a reliable ally will be forever shattered. My hope is that some day our permanent standing army --- which until 1946 we never had --- will be disbanded and we can leave the rest of the planet to stew in their 7th century hatreds without interference from utopians such as Mr. Bush who insist that "all peoples long for liberty". NO THEY DON'T!

Fred Gallarghy

Maybe if they hadn't lost the Iraq war they could be in a position to do something about the rotten regimes in NK and Iran. As the depth of their failure becomes clearer, so does the America's weakness. It's all their fault; you can't blame everything on the New York Times.

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