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November 22, 2006



I can't believe you and Avi chose the same title for your reviews!

Marty M.

Your usual incisive comments plus excellent links. Much obfuscation could be precluded if the media/journalists would use the term 1948 cease-fire lines rather than 1967 borders. The demarcation lines were never understood by anyone,least of all the Arabs, to be the future border if and when a peace treaty would be signed (we're still waiting).

andrew engelman

Its actually worse than this. Jimmy Carter it could be reasonably argued is responsible for the removal of th Shah of Iran and the rise of the Ayatollah. The shah although autoritarin was a stabilizing force in the middle east and was modern and capitalistic. I lived in Iran 67-69 and know firsthand.Had the shah remained we would not have Hamas we would not have Hezbollah and we wouldnt have a threat of nucleur weapons.





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