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December 11, 2006


Bob Miller

Is Jimmy Carter the new Ramsey Clark?


Thank you for putting this together. Incredibly informative... And it makes sense (something that Carter's book lacks)

Ron Norman

Mr. Carter is going down the same road that Professor Michael Bellisiles late of Emery University trod, he to was caught trying to change history to fit his perceived ideas of what history should have been rather than what actually was. M. Bellisiles was relieved of his tenure at the University, a very prestigious writing award was taking back and he was disgraced as was his University. Mr. Carter’s think tank is ensconced upon a Universities grounds and graced with their reputation, wonder how they like having Mr. Carter join the Holocaust Deniers in lying and beating up on the Jews. He deserves the same treatment that M. Bellisiles received. He’s proven himself a raciest old bastard full of lies and bitterness, enough of him harming his country and making a fool of himself; be gone Mr. Carter, we have had enough of your stupidity.

C Mark Gilson

--but, but, he is a Sunday School teacher.

Glenn Beebe

More than any other Westerner, Carter is responsible for the rise of Islamofascism. His abandonment of the ailing Shah of Iran, a strong US ally who conducted the most benevolent government in the Middle East, and his encouragement of the Kohmeni regime was disgraceful. Add to that his terrible weakness displayed during the Hostage Crisis greatly encouraged the jihadists.


Malignant senility? If there is such a thing, this is it.

Mike Lynch

Thank you for writing this article. Clarity is a wonderful thing.

john jay

re: jimmy carter

never trust:

1.)a mama's boy, and
2.)a man whose name ends in "mmy"

to be president of the united states.

john jay


How did we get along without Google? Searching for Pugliese and cartographer yielded this gem:

"Paul Pugliese, President of GCI, was Chief Cartographer at Time Magazine for over twenty years. During this time he created over two thousand maps that appeared in Time Magazine and other Time publications.?e [sic] specialize in providing maps and informational graphics at the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail with over thirty years experience in book, newspaper and magazine publishing."

Along with this contact information:

Paul J. Pugliese
General Cartography Inc.
6 Corwin Court
Dix Hills, New York 11746
tel: (631) 462-6939
web: http://www.terradata.com

Source: http://dev.nacis.org/index.cfm?x=16

Someone might want to contact him to see if he did the map and, if he did, what his side of this story is.

--Michael W. Perry, editor of Dachau Liberated

Bill Faith

Thank you for an excellent and enlightening article. I've excerpted and linked, and provided my own side-by-side comparison of two of your maps, at Speaking frankly about Abu Carter -- Update (http://www.smalltownveteran.net/bills_bites/2006/12/speaking_frankl_2.html), my third post on the matter.

The Kosher Hedgehog

Rick: Carter's statement that he has never seen "The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace," by Dennis Ross, if not an outright lie, would amply prove how poorly researched his own book is. Can one imagine any reputable author attempting to write knowledgably about the breakdown of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations since the Oslo Accords, especially about the Camp David and Sharm el-Sheikh talks at the end of the Clinton Administration, without reading the account of Dennis Ross? (Especially since Bill Clinton himself has vouched for its accuracy.)

Alan Miller

To find the atlas, try googling "Applied Research Institute" or see the posting at http://www.zionist.org .

Marty M.

Reading a Rick Richman 'book review' is like reading Edgar Allen Poe. He carefully deciphers the author's hidden message, with all its willful deceit and wile, to finally expose the true culprit - not the butler, but the author. He's done it in quick succession with Rashid Kalidi, James Baker, and now Jimmy Carter. I'm anxiously waiting for him to write a full length novel incorporating all three of these shady characters. I know it will be a best seller but the review will probably be even better if Rick writes it.

Seth Halpern

Yes, this is quite damning, and I would not wish to shortshrift the author in any way. Only please forgive me for getting fatigued by the Jews' endless attempts to prove their good faith in a preposterous cause, namely, placating Palestinian Arab savages. After all, the more we do this, the more we will be expected to duplicate the insane offer the next time around, no?


Carter is a willful fellow traveler of all things anti-American. There is not a communist, socialist, or brutal dictator that he cannot find good things to report. He is a man that is important in his own sight.


Where does the scan of the map from page xxiv come from? (This is the last map in the post.) Thanks.


This claim that Dennis Ross "owns" these maps is a bit of a groaner.

I guess the issue of whether Dennis Ross has any copyright over maps he created in cooperation with others while working on the payroll of the American taxpayer has escaped everyone. It's been my experience that work product belongs to the people who are paying you to do it.


I used a significant amount of material from this article, with appropriate source citation and credit given on my site, in That oh-so-damning word, also cross-posted on Red State.

Since this site does not allow html links, I cannot provide the specific article addresses.


wow, this is an incredibly small point in a much larger issue. Thank you for pointing out Carter's very minor mistakes while the middle east burns and Israel continues to kill hundreds of Palestinian civilians with American money.


I agree with David about the plagiarism charge.

If Ross was an employee of the federal government and produced the maps as part of his duties as a federal government employee, then it would be the case that, in compliance with federal law, those maps belong to the federal government and are therefore in the public domain. Work-related products belonging to the federal government can be classified by the government, but they cannot be copyrighted by individuals.

Many people who actually study and produce maps have pointed out the differences in the maps, the potential common source of both sets of maps [and maps of the same region by others] in terms of computer-based data imaging, and the problems of legally analyzing maps by rules usually applied to text. But if the rule I've described above applies in this case (and why would it not?), then it would matter little, in terms of the plagiarism charge, whether the maps are similar or not.

So, unless for some reason this rule does not apply to Ross, and until other proof is provided of plagiarism, perhaps we should all move on to more important issues and concerns.

As for Rick's article, there is some real substance in it, but unfortunately it is overwhelmed by his obsession with the maps. In my view, all Rick has shown in regard to the maps is that Carter has a different interpretation than Ross of the same data, and a different understanding of how each party to the dispute intepreted Clinton's ever-evolving proposal. For me, this approach sheds very little light on the real issues of whether Carter accurately describes the situation of ordinary Palestinian people, and whether or not he accurately analyzes the policies of the Israeli government and the various Palestinian political and military factions in relation to this situation.


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