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February 23, 2007



It's becoming more and more evident to even the most obtuse that Carter is a large,steaming pile.

Carl H.

"Jimmy Carter? He's history's greatest monster!"

Malaise forever.


the phrase Carter uses,

"...renounce all acts of violence against innocent civilians" is artfully created smokescreen.

The Palestinian (and other islamic) terrorists have an intricate theology which defines all Israelis (in extreme cases, all infidels) as "non-innocent" or "non civilians".

Ed Lasky

That was excellent and great scooping on the Simon and Shuster "front".
"Acts of violence against innocent civilians" also leaves me it all at ease (as it does a previos commentator). Seemingly, it condones attacks on IDF and Security Guards. Also, many Palestinians have made it clear that no Israelis are to be considered "innocent civilians" since both men and women serve in the military, women can have children who will serve in the military, their tax dollars support a government that the Palestinians oppose, etc.
Carter prides himself on being a "plain speaker"-why cannot he just ask them to obey one of the "commandments"-thou shall not kill.

J.  Lichty

Carter prides himself on being a "plain speaker"-why cannot he just ask them to obey one of the "commandments"-thou shall not kill.

Because he believes that god added a codicil stating . . . "unless its Jews."

This man is pure evil.


By keeping his book available for sale, this man who teaches children Sunday school continues to condone the murder of children--that's who Palestinian terrorists often target. He abides by neither Christian or any other kind of morality.


Jimmy Carter is a vile anti-semite and a Saudi money grubbing pant load. There. I feel better.
Do not examine his motives or the crappy book he wrote, (yes I read it). He will do everything possible to bow down to his terror masters.

David Swyer

President Carter's book continues to be a mega-best seller and his Zionist critics are just poor losers.


Carter's post-edit revisionism is typical. When he changed an 'end' to Arab terrorism (conditioned upon the Israelis' behavior, of course) to 'renouncing' terrorism, it is clear he is going Arafat: his forked tongue both condemns and excuses terrorism at once.

The man is a willing accomplice to evil.

bruce b

Didn't Carter call Khomeini 'a man of religion just like I' before he allowed him to sack the greatest US and Israeli ally in the mid east? Would not retaining the Shah have prevented nearly all the blood spilled in that region in the past 30 years? No hezbollah, hamas, saddam would be broken like a twig, no syria threat...

Roy E. Gold

Jimmy Carter is a stain on American history. Nevill Chamberlain has been rebuked necause he believed that Nazi Germany was not evil. Carter is far worse. He sees Jews as the world's greatesst problem;he apparently doesn't believe that Islamist vows to kill or convert all infidels to Islam are real. Jimmy Carter, wake up and smell the roses or convert to Islam yourself.

Gayle Parker

Jimmy Carter has never emotionally left the White House and considers himself one of the greatest power/peace brokers of the 20th century. He seldoms analyzes in depth why he couldn't release our Americans who were held as prisoners in Lebanon He is a soft spoken pro-Arab, pro- Islam, anti -Jewiish politico who should spend his time building Habitat Houses in some of the most backward and filthy nations in the world, the Arab world. His demeanor is such that many find him kindly. The fall for his facade. When I saw him sitting next to Michael Moore at the Democratic Convention, I knew my days as a Democrat were over.

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