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April 17, 2007


Robin L. Orenbuch

This man's death diminishes all of our hopes to see justice prevail in the world. Let us honor him by standing for the best of humanity that he represents and tolerate no compromise with those who plan otherwise.

J.  Lichty

may his memory be a blessing.

SVC Alumnus

Thank you, Professor for your many sacrifices. May your death not be in vain.


As I understand it, this man's main struggle is against the Communists - not only who blocked his career, but who would not allow him to emigrate. HE may as a tiny baby have been in a labor camp (born 1942?), but the big journalistic opportunity here is the discussion of his escaping the Communists. How did Begin break through the entrenched mental illness of the Romanian Communist leaders, when others throughout the Soviet Bloc also yearning for years to breathe freely, how indeed DID this Israeli intervention work? If it could have worked for one person, why not use such tactics to have released millions of Romanians, Bulgarians, GErmans, Poles, etc years before, or indeed, why did the West allow the Soviets to take these lands in the first place?

What happened to him as a tiny baby was not in his memory, nor did he truly participate as a conscious resister. But his struggle against the madness of the Communist, their terrorism and murderout gulags, THIS is what could be discussed in today's tragic death of an engineering professor.

Was he an Israeli? For 7 years? Or was he a Romanian? Or was he an American after 20 years?

BTW, the numbers do not add up regarding his career.

He is 76, therefore born in 1941 or 1942. He graduates with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Bucharest in 1953? How old, age 11? Okay, maybe it was 1963?

If he was still teaching at 76, it may have been an attempt to get a pension. He started paying into the university pension system late in life, so he was hanging on in order to get a full pension?

If he was allowed into a prestigious university course in Bucharest during the postwar Communism, then he was, at least in his youth, a Communist. Apparently it was a change of heart when he saw a chance to get out, using the Israeli lobby, even risking his career there.

I have read many, many postwar Communist journals and stories, and I think that one must delve a little more into this man's real life story. If he had had any qualms about the Romanian Communist system, he would have been a windowcleaner at best. Ask anyone who has escaped from that horrible and disgusting life.



Mary: Check your math. He was born in 1931. Further, if you live in a country taken over by communists, that does not make you a communist. He was not combating and resisting just communism. He was resisting evil. His final act defines who he was at heart. Zichrono LiVracha (Blessed Be His Memory).


Mary, my husband was born in Cuba and I am 1/4 Hungarian so I have some limited personal knowledge with people from those countries. Things aren't so black and white as you are painting them. I don't know where you are getting the information that someone has to be a militant party member in order to advance in their educations, especially if they have the smarts to advance. It's not exactly the kind of environment that encourages anyone to be outspoken about their feelings about the regime anyway. If the man was in the secret police or one of the neighborhood snoops, I could understand your point, but please, I had relatives and friends stuck behind the Iron Curtain during that time and they were very anti-communist, even worshiped in secret, still they got their degrees. Cubans often get advanced degrees so that they can get jobs outside of Cuba and then defect. Dr. Elias Biscet is a pro-life Cuban doctor who is in prison now that he denounced Cuba's performing abortions that mothers weren't aware of, but before that, he was still pro-life, anti-communist and a DOCTOR. His wife is a nurse.

Am I understanding correctly that you are saying that Professor Librescu was teaching at age 76 in order to get a pension? So at age 76 what was his life expectancy and what did he plan to do with the pension? buy a yacht? Come on. You are sounding trollish. I'll tell that to one of my professors, in her 80's, and to my friends' kids' tutor, a lifelong teacher also in her 80s and subs fulltime at the public schools here because she loves to do it. Congress members continue working as seasoned citizens, why can't other people do the same?

I am completing my degree this week to start teaching at the old age of 46. I am debating graduate school even if its pretty impractical at my age. I pray that I will have many years of teaching up until and past my 80's too. My husband is a doctor, so I'm not desperate to get a pension. Its called personal fulfillment. You're sounding really petty to put it mildly. I don't know what you are implying about him, but I get very clearly what you are saying about Israel, that they are guilty for rescuing a Jew and they didn't rescue millions of others in the same way.

Have you been watching too many movies?

How to maybe rescue millions of Germans, Romanians, etc:

n London, Bond is met by Moneypenny who is all dressed up ready for a date which leaves Bond "devastated." She takes him to the mission room where he is briefed by Bill Tanner who tells him that a routine scan of the Severnaya complex by their spy satellites has apparently revealed the presence of the stolen Tiger. The new M [who Tanner dismisses as "the evil queen of numbers"] arrives and discounts rumours that the Russians had developed the GoldenEye satellite defence system, a weapons platform capable of firing electro-magnetic pulses at given targets. But while they are watching live feeds from their satellite, they see the two Migs approach the complex and a blinding flash that knocks out their satellite. The GoldenEye weapon has hit Severnaya, causing massive short circuits in all of its electronics. The complex explodes as Simonova cowers under falling masonry. The electronics in the fighters are also affected - one of them explodes and the other ploughs into the complex, causing the satellite dish to crash to the ground. In the aftermath, Simonova, crawls from the wreckage in search of Boris......and they rescue everybody and go home, The End


May the soul of Liviu Librescu be forever bound to the bond of life.

And should we ever find ourselves facing such evil, may G-d grant us the clarity, conviction and courage to follow his example.

Richard Loehwing

He is a true Hero.

Please advise if a donation can be made for a monument to Honor his selfless act of courage.

Please recommend the best legitimate cause especially if located at Virginia Tech.

Thank You


Richard: Here is the link to the Librescu Family Condolence Page:


Beth Wellington

Maybe this entry could read a hero at Virginia Tech. On April 16, Dr. Granata and others also saved lives. "Loss Creates a Terrible Contrast in Lives So Similar: The Husbands of Identical Twin Sisters Both Worked in Norris Hall. On Monday, Only One Came Back." by Kirstin Downey,
Washington Post, April 19, 2007; Page A10.

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