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August 27, 2007



Rudy understands the Middle East better than any other candidated.

And he is absolutely correct in standing by Israel and against the formation of a terrorist Palestinian state.

Go Rudy!


We, Jews and Christians, Americans and Europeans want Rudy to be the next President of the US. He is the only candidate who understands that you can't reason with the so called Palestinians. They never had a country and are liars. Rudy is not afraid to speak the truth. Western culture is at risk. Hear our message supporting Rudy at www.deprogramprogram.com


It's not so simple, Rudy. I agree about the violence but it should be renounced on BOTH sides. The Palestinians should be offered a viable portion of the land that is now called 'Israel' (you know, land with perhaps some water resources - not just the worst land). Ethnocentric declarations that "they never had a country" simply aren't true. Read some history, please. Both sides coexisted for centuries in what is now Israel. I certainly understand BOTH sides of the problem and that is violence on BOTH sides has created antagonism that has damaged any trust on either side of this mess. Vilification of a whole society won't ever solve the problem. What is important is to build good will. Doesn't Christianity say to 'turn the other cheek'? Perhaps that's why the Jews have rejected Christianity.


A brief history:

After WWI, the Palestinian Mandate held by the Brittish stretched from the Mediterranean to present day Iraq. Before WWI, this area was a colony of the Ottoman Empire. The Brittish partitioned most to the Palestinian Mandate to creat Transjordan, which later became the country of Jordan. When Israel declared independence, Jordan attacked and took the West Bank, while Egypt attacked and took Gaza.

Current affairs:

Egypt doesn't want Gaza back, and Jordan doesn't want the West Bank back. Creating an independent Palestinian state from Gaza and the West Bank can work if the leaders are willing to coexist. Fatah's government looks promising. Fatah officers recently stopped a mob from killing an Israeli who accidentally wandered into a West Bank city. They've reigned in West Bank militants and cut funding to Hamas to stop wanton violence. In Gaza, Fatah supporters are holding rallies on Fridays to protest Hamas. Hamas responded by attacking the protestors and harassing journalists who tried to report the assaults. There are Palestinians who can be partners in peace. Arafat and Hamas have not been among them. Negotiating with Hamas instead of Fatah undermines the efforts of Palestinians who want peace.


Of course, there are Palestinians who want peace. This is a very important point the last writer made. And these are the people to deal with, not Hamas. History has proven that violence has never solved the problem. What good came out of the 2006 Lebanon War last year? We must resist the temptation to pursue violent solutions and continue to try to build trust as difficult as this may seem. The Palestinians would do well to follow the example of Mahatma Gandhi to achieve their goals.

The New Centrist

"We must resist the temptation to pursue violent solutions and continue to try to build trust as difficult as this may seem. The Palestinians would do well to follow the example of Mahatma Gandhi to achieve their goals."

The Palestinian national movement, to say nothing of the Islamist extremists, is based on anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. To expect these political forces to willingly adopt non-violence is misguided at best. They must be forced to do so as happened with Fatah (who only just renounced "armed struggle" this year).

Anti-Zionism is *the* motivating ideology of all these groups. If you miss this aspect of the enemy's ideology--and I do consider those who want to kill my people an enemy--you will never be able to attain peace.


And so do those who you vilify consider you and your people to be the "enemy." And therein lies the problem. When will it stop? This is a vicious circle from which a positive resolution is unlikely to result - that is unless something different happens. Violence hasn't cured the problem. Isn't this clear yet? Why not try something different - like the non-violence that leads to peace? You didn't bother to answer my question: "What good came out of the 2006 Lebanon War last year?"


I read your web URL and agree that the mainstream of Israeli society are peaceful. Why the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas is beyond my comprehension. Yet, I believe that violent solutions have only fueled the fires of future violence. Therefore, it seems clear that this is not the answer. Honest people disagree about the means to achieve a peaceful end. Clearly, I do agree that the terrorism inherent perpetrated by groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc., must be renounced. The question is how to meet this goal and will violence achieve this. Call me naive, if you will, but perhaps kindness will awaken the majority of Palestinians to renounce violence.

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