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September 17, 2007



Excellent post, Rick. It is difficult, after having read Rob Eshman's heartbreaking article via your link, to not think about Marcy and HaShem and life and its mysteries and cruelties. In one of my favorite books, 9 Questions People Ask About Judaism, I can try to extrapolate and apply a similar theorem that just because bad things happen does not prove that God does not exist, and just because good things happen does not prove that God does exist. So how do we review Marcy's life? How do we regard HaShem in light of Marcy's tragic life? Why was this innocent woman burdened with so many tragedies and failures? I really don't know what to think, other than that I don't ever want to think so atheistically about HaShem and Judaism as Marcy's mother did, yet a little part of me doesn't blame Marcy's mother for thinking that way. I suppose that what I must try to align my thoughts with regarding Marcy's tragic life, is to remember that there were 6 million others who also suffered great tragedies, yet out of those catastrophic horrors, also came great survival and blessings and births and laughter and generations of babies and inventions and miracles. But doesn't my rationalization by saying what came out of those tragedies reduce each one of those 6 million people's heartaches and personal agonies as just mere matter, like insignificant bits of dust and particles, cogs, perhaps in a big cold clinical mysterious machine, whose purpose is still a great unknown to all of us? How can I make sure my life doesn't end up like Marcy's? How will I die? Will I also breath my last breath, crying out in agony, where no one will hear me, alone, abandoned, and insane?

Poor Marcy, may she rest in peace. Thank you, Rick, for a great post.


As I said on Smooth's blog I wonder about these things as well. But I also wonder about how we can all share experiences and yet see the world so differently.

No matter how similar we are there are these huge differences between us all.

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