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January 14, 2008


J, Lichty

Because apparently the adminstration's new aim is to devise a plan that the Palestinians can abide by, we are headed for the "Death to Israel" option as the only remaining plan than can work.

Condi will remark - for too long we have insisted on conditions the Palestinians were unwilling to abide by - that has caused the peace process to fail. We therefore have found the one thing that they will follow - the destruction of Israel. We know it will be tough for those racist Jews, but we cannot let that get in the way of the process.

Bush is a failure and Rice has made him one.

Ralph Kostant

Of course, if we can change the sequences of the phases of the Road Map to make them run parallel, we can also reverse the sequence, and put the creation of a Palestinian State and the division of Jerusalem first, and leave the ending of Palestinian terror for later, perhaps much later.
Fortunately, the Bush-Rice policy depends on the continuance of the Olmert government, whose days finally seem to be numbered. See "Israel Foreign Ministry Opens Jerusalem Status Talks. Olmert Government Coalition Crisis Looms," www.hedgehogcentral.blogspot.com.

Dr. Chemical

If this works, Ms. Rice will get the job as NFL commissioner. There she will start the season with the Super Bowl. With the knowledge of how the season ends, the teams will be able to proceed with their schedules with much more confidence.

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