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February 01, 2008



Sharon resigned (under pressure) not generally because of the war, but specifically because of his indirect responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila massacres.

Begin resigned, I'm sure in part because the war wasn't going well. But also in the year (I believe) before he resigned he lost his wife and his closest political ally Simcha Ehrlich.

I think that Yossi Klein is overstating the case a bit.


Soccer Dad: I think your observations are correct, but in another sense Olmert’s failure was much more serious than those of his predecessors, as indicated in Orit Shochat’s article that I have added as an update.

Olmert's predecessors made mistakes; his own failure was more fundamental. Here is another portion from the article:

“Olmert embarked on an operation and found himself at war. . . . [T]he prime minister decided on a ground operation that the IDF was not ready for, and for which it had not called up reserves in time. . . . [I]n order for someone to want to fight next time -- he has to believe he has serious, responsible and functioning leaders.

“If the government echelon does not do its homework and throws soldiers into battles for which they are not trained, if their prime minister is unable to identify failure and error in real time and make corrections over the course of 34 days, if he cannot tell in advance whether the army is ready for war when he decides on it -- he is not fashioned from leadership material.”

Of course "not fashioned from leadership material" is a more difficult thing to admit than mere mistakes.

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