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February 11, 2008



Hi I'm a Tel Avivian who does care deeply about what the people of Sderot are going through. I'd like to get involved in trying to bring more focus on this and more pressure on the government to do something about it but I don't really know who to contact about doing so. Do you have any contact info for people in charge of organizing this kind of thing in Sderot?


Yaeli – Try contacting Noam Bedein, who is the Director of the Sderot Media Center (www.sderotmedia.co.il), at 972-(0)545598977, or email him at Noam@sderotmedia.com.


Laura, thank you so much for being in Sderot. I went to Facebook to look for you but you aren't a member. I think it might be a good idea if you were. You could get your message out to millions of people that way.


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