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June 26, 2008


Joe Strapp

I am pretty sure that is not a photo of Kedumim, which is located more than 20 miles northeast of Tel Aviv and about 10 miles southwest of Shechem.


Joe -- The picture appears on the Kedumim website, and was provided to me by the assistant mayor.

On the website, there is this description of the area:

"Kedumim is within easy commuting distance to all major cities in Israel . . . 50 minutes to Tel-Aviv, 20 minutes to Kfar Saba, 60 minutes to Haifa and Jerusalem, 40 minutes to the Jordan Valley. . . . From Kedumim, one enjoys a panoramic view of the neighboring hilltops and beyond, reaching as far as the coastline."


In response to Joe Strapp's comment above, I asked Raphaella Segal, the assistant mayor of Kedumim, to clarify the nature of the above picture. Here is her email in response:

"Dear Rick,

This picture is from a community next to Kedumim. From Kedumim we see the same scenery but we wanted to show also an Arab village that is below. Don't forget that taking a picture with a zoom makes it very close but it is really very close. The distance from Kedumim to the Mediterranean is 25 miles; it takes 50 minutes without traffic to reach the sea shore.

"If you drive from Tel Aviv to the Jordan Valley (through Jerusalem) you can do it in approx hour and forty minutes (without traffic so from Mediterranean to Jordan Valley in 1:40!!!) so it is not correct that you can cross Israel in 15 minutes but a width of a country of 50 miles that you can do by an hour and forty minutes is also not normal.

"I invite the person who wrote the comment to see from Kedumim Tel Aviv and the sea and the electricity pipes of Hadera.



so, according to the asst mayor, joe was correct. it is not in fact a picture of kedumim. it appears to be an arab village that is adjacent. thanks joe!

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