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July 06, 2008



The video isn't showing up for me?


You may have difficulty if you are using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. Otherwise, keep clicking on the arrows and they should work.

J. Lichty

One of his constituents thinks he pulled one over on you:



J. Lichty:

The site you note was cross-posted at Buckeye State Blog, which is one of the ones I've linked above. A response to it was made at Naugblog (another Ohio political blog), which is also linked above.

In any event, viewers of the two videos I've posted can make their own determination about him.

Matt N.

Here is Josh's interview today with the Buckeye Institute, a free market think tank in Ohio. Check it out!


J. Lichty

Rick - followed the link to Naublog - nothing but an ad hominem attack on the woman who wrote the post I linked to. While the folks at Naublog may be correct in their attacks - it does not address the substance of her criticim.

Look I have heard many a comfortable incumbent plead poverty and "tough expensive race", but this should be addressed in a substantive manner, not just by calling her a yenta and a stalker (which she very well may be).


J. Lichty -- agreed.

I am informed by Joel Mowbray that Mandel's district is "more than two-to-one Dems to Republicans in his state house district. 39K Dems to 18K Republicans. There are 47K independents, but in the standard calculations, his district is over two-to-one Dem-to-GOP."

On other points, I leave it to Naublog to address, and second your encouragement for them to address them substantively.

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