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October 21, 2008


Toronto realtor

I think we are already facing the crisis and more, the crisis has its own life and no Obama or McCain can do something about it. Now it's important, what promises these candidates give to "fight" the crisis and what will they be willing to fulfil. For now, we can see mainly ad hoc precautions. Because I believe only positive thing government can do about the crisis is to do nothing.


Joe Biden hints that electing the spineless Democratic duo for President may encourage our enemies to attack us.

(More here)


Any way its Obama or anybody only thing the people should get the benefit. I believe the people of US will select the one who can do much for the people and who can overcome the crisis.
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a k

I say about time.

One nation dictating what the whole of ME can do?

It's about time that came to an end.

Let's start living in peace, instead of perpetual war.

When everybody has nukes, that is what we must do.

Dan Alexander

I share Hewitt's concern that Biden was really thinking of Iran, Israel, and the USA.

But before I elaborate on the fear, I want to say that Senator McCain should try to force Senator Obama to clarify which foreign policy choice would require loyalty from the Democratic party's donors - specifically in the case of Iran.

Would it be a tough and well-planned military response to Iranian or Iranian-backed attack & provocation - of the sort which would infuriate the left wing of the Democratic party?

Or the opposite?

It seems a legitimate question and a smart one to ask right now.

My worry is that if Iran and/or its surrogates Hezbollah & Islamic Jihad & Hamas made a serious military provocation such that Israel and/or the USA had to decide whether to respond militarily, that then Obama would summon an international conference under UNSC auspices instead. The conference would then press Israel to implement, immediately and without an Israel referendum or general election, concessions it has heretofore said it would only make for a permanent peace. Instead of a permanent peace Israel would be forced to cede disputed territory to a weak Palestinian state which would explictly not make a final peace and would instead host further attacks, both violent and political. There would be reprecussions for Lebanon, and for US bases in the Persian Gulf, and for the Gulf States, and of course for Iraq and perhaps for Afghanistan.

I don't think Biden's real plea for loyalty concerns Russia's schemes in the Caucasus. It's true those ambitions are worrying and in fact there is an Iranian connection there - giving Russia a freer hand to dominate the Muslims of Central Asia in exchange for Russian support in the UNSC. But I don't think Joe Biden needs to worry that Democratic donors will abandon Obama in the face of sinking poll support if the USA has to limit itself to diplomatic protest if Russia attacks Tbilisi or Azerbaijan or even seizes the Crimea.

It's time for clarification and John McCain should ask for it.

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