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February 18, 2009


Dr. Chemical

Great idea. How about extending it with the bulk of the West bank to Israel and more of the Negev to Egypt. Let the Saudis build new cities on the Mediterranean. Israel would wind up with 10% of the border it now has with the Palestinians. Include Jordan in the West Bank trade so Israel's only border there is with Jordan. Perhaps the US can contribute a trillion and stimulate our economy as well.


Too bad such caring common sense is not more common.


"In this proposal no one loses anything"

.....except the Palestinians whose fundamental right to return to, or be compensated for, the land from which they were ethnically cleansed is upheld by the U.N. and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This basic right lies at the heart of this dispute.

It is often argued that the Palestinians abandoned their homes in 1948. Despite the fact that no legitimate Israeli Historian agrees with this argument, it makes no difference. The right of return is guaranteed by the above conventions whatever the reason for the exodus.

Until Israel recognizes Palestinian resistance for what it is - a 60 year old indigenous Land Rights movement that is rapidly gaining World-wide support, it will continue towards greater isolation, an isolation that will result in its dissolution. Israel's very survival depends on providing a just settlement of this long-standing grievance.

"I don't understand your optimism. Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country."
—David Ben Gurion, 1956, quoted by Nahum Goldmann in The Jewish Paradox, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, p.99.

Dr. Chemical

Spoff: If Israel ethnically cleansed, how come the country is still 20% Israel Arab?

If rights for compensation for displacement from homes in 1948 are exerted, there were at least equal numbers of Jews evicted from Arab countries in 1948.

I certainly hope you are not posting from somewhere in the US on lands taken from native Americans, or worse from Texas, Arizona or California on land taken from Mexicans who took it from native Americans.



An ethnic cleansing does not have to be 100% successful to be an ethnic cleansing.

What responsibility do Palestinians bear for the actions of "Arab Countries" ? In any event, the imposition of a "Jewish State" was supposed to result in Jews leaving their homes and making their way to Israel was it not? Zionist terrorism in Iraq and Egypt certainly helped - see Lavon affair for instance.

Conquest and colonization was recognized as an evil long before 1948. Almost all former British Colonies have set up courts to redress those evils and compensate the indigenous people. Israel has not.


Comparing Israels declaration of independance to British Colonnial decimation of indigenous populations for the benefit of raping them and their land is a gross misrepresentation of the situation. I enjoy it when people such as yourself, anti-Israel, Arabs or fake pragmatist types, engage in such double talk. I noticed you mentioned the Lavon Affair, and discussed "Zionist Terrorism", yet you fail to mention Islamic Terror against Jews in Palestine prior to Israels inception, you claim to care about the Palestinian Cause, the poor Palestinians, all while there are serious a atrocities being committed in the Arab World, whether it be from Mubarak against his own people or Janjaweed Rebels backed by the Sudanese government, that Massacre black-africans, talk about ethnic cleansing. There absolutely needs to be a real solution, a real two-state solution, and though I may not agree with this particular one, it is relevant, because the solution is going to be a radical solution.

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