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June 03, 2009


Terry   -  Eilat, Israel

We are being conned. It should be obvious that the Obama plan is the exact copy of Arab demands, including the return of phoney refugees. We are being thrown to the wolves, no different than Czechoslovakia in the 1930's.


Kol hakavod to you Rick, for sticking with this story, as well as to the reporters in the State Dept. press corps who actually pressed until they got an answer.

You mention that "Israel ended up having to fight a war in Gaza because of the disengagement."

I wonder how many people know that hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars are going to Gaza for "reconstruction" in the wake of that war. There are no assurances that it won't go specifically to HAMAS for reconstructing their efforts to kill Jews in Israel.

Last I heard, it was illegal to fund terorists. But the Obama regime cares not for legalities... nor as you have shown, for keeping our commitments to allies.

So it's official. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus, just as so many of us feared he would. I think it's safe to say that he's as antisemitic as the Arab demands he has chosen to support, over the historical friendship and alliance between our two countries.

American Jews are in a helluva spot.


The president's current excursion in the Middle East is proving revelatory. He found time to visit Saudi Arabia and grovel before a tyrant, he found time to visit Egypt and unburden himself of an 8,000 word denial of history, but he couldn't find time to stop, however briefly, in Israel to express solidarity with America's only genuine ally in the region. That reveals all we need to know about this man.

Before last November's election, the many Jews who favored Obama's election could tell those of us who opposed it, whenever we voiced our suspicions that he was a closet antisemite, that we were wrong -- that the man's words spoke clearly and eloquently of his devotion to the well-being of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. No more. What last November we only suspected we now know for sure. Nothing could be more overt, more explicit, or more manifest: the man's a Jew-hater.

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