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February 18, 2010


Ranger 06

Some boys never become men. This boy became a man. Congrats to him and all the other men who server this great country of ours. Somebody has to do this job.

thomas Malone

God Bless you, young man. Tom Malone, US Navy, 1965-72


Congratulations and take care. It's a long road. R. Cubley, USMCR (Ret) 1951-77

Julie B.

Our 19-year old son proudly graduated USMC-San Diego, June 19, 2010. We stand with him, as well as Marine leaders young and old, & pray for God's providential wisdom for whatever lies ahead.

Marine Mom

Jerry Cline

Semper Fi, Marine. May your tribe increase.
J. Cline USMC, 1965-1969

Michael Krauss

Semper Fi and thank you for your service to our country. Our son (a graduate of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, Rockville, MD) is also a Marine OCS grad, and is now a freshly minted 2LT. Josh will be attending TBS in March 2010. Examples like Jordan's, and Josh's, fill me with pride.

D'Arcy E. Grisier

I remember in 1949 saying something like "if not me - who." I never
regretted my decision to join the U.S.Marine Corps. I am fully confident that Jordan will join me, as well as others, when he becomes 79 years old and looks back with great satisfaction that he began his adult career as a U.S. Marine.
D'Arcy E. Grisier, LtCol USMC Ret'd

Ray W. Johnson

I dropped out of HS to join the Marines in 1946. I served three years on that enlistment and was recalled for Korea. I was there for almost a year. I've never regretted my decision to enlist and I believe I badly needed the experience.


Carry on, Semper Fi Marine.

Jack Ryan
USMC '77-'81

Paul Davenport

50 years after raising my right hand to take that same oath, I, too, do not regret one minute of our Corps. Semper Fidelis and God Bless you and your Marines.

Paul Davenport COL USMC (Ret) Kabul, Afghanistan

Randall Arnold

When I graduated from H.S. in Washington, D.C., Class of 1968, I stated in the yearbook that I planned a career as a United States Marine. It was not a popular decision at that time, but it was mine alone and one that I have never regretted, even after 32 years in uniform. Hopefully one day will be able to look back and say the same...the nation will be a better place for it.
Randall Arnold MSgt USMC (Ret)

Francis Hopkinson

To bad our President is the polar opposite of this honorable young man.

God help us.

Dan Altazan

Semper Fi Sir and thank you

Dan Altazan
USMC 65-69


Mr. Blashek fits the bill perfectly of being a gentleman who has the desire to serve his country.

Hey Obama, take some notes.....real men wear camo.


Good Job Marine.

USN 71 - 77 USS Forrestal CVA-59.

Loretta in Indiana

Lieutenant Blashek -- You make patriotic Americans proud! Thank you for your service -- you are a credit to our country.

G-d Bless you and all your fellow Marines...

Greg Grehawick

Congratulations Marine. You make us all proud to be Americans.

Greg Grehawick USA 1986 - 1989

Manny Jakel

This is the product of a wonderful father and mother. JORDAN BLASHEK wasn't born that way and whether he knows it or not this all comes from growing up in a house where certain values have been implanted and reinforced from childhood to manhood. JORDAN must be a great guy, anyone would be happy to have as a friend. G-d should bless him and family forever and ever.

John J. Caldas, Jr., Col., USMC (Ret)

I enlisted in the Marines at18. Served 35-1/2 years from '48 to '83.
Most rewarding life a person could have. Made life lasting friendships with the finest young people our country can produce. While wanting to serve, received more than I gave.
Lt. Blashek will surely find this to be true for him. Semper Fidelis!



Colonel Wesley Lee Fox

Lieutenant, you played my heart strings. I too fell in love with Marines and their manner of serving our country. While I planned to make a career out of it, I could only get 43 years of active duty. At age 62, I had to quit in accordance with the Marine Corps manual. You can do better than 43 years.

Merrill C. Waters

Congratulations Lt Jordan. The greatest honor I have ever received was to lead Marines as a Marine Corps Officer. TBS 7-70 1969-1981 Major Merrill C. Waters

Bill Wellman

The Marines and Marine Officers I served with are, bar none, the finest men and women I have yet encountered in life. Enjoy the ride Lieutenant, it is a privilege to serve.

Bill Wellman
MGySgt (ret)

Douglas Barrpw

Outstanding young man, simply outstanding. Those that serve are the finest men and women our nation has to offer. Thank you so much for your service.

Jenifer Sawicki

Well said, Lieutenant. Go make us even more proud.

Paul E. Westphal

Your commitment to your country and the Marine Corps is most admirable. Young men and women like you resyore my faith in American youth. Semper Fi, Young man.
Paul E. Westphal
LtCol USMC Ret

David Wood

I enlisted on a 3 yr stint in 1976 when few wanted to join any service with the intent of getting the GI Bill for college not knowing that I would fall in love with the Corps and my fellow Marines - BEST DECISION of my life retiring 20 years later as a Marine Officer.
Congratulations Marine!

Semper Fi
David Wood
Captain USMC Ret

Harvey shiner

im so happy to be your new uncle,I think your terrific,and that goes for your hole family.

LtCol Everett Tunget USMC (Ret)

I enlisted in 1951 and went through OCS and The Basic School in '55/'56. While the "tools of war" have changed significantly over the years, the making of the Marine leaders to manage those tools has not. There is no better motto than Semper Fidelis! Good luck and God speed, Lieutenant.

Gerard McGurty,  MSgt/USMC/Ret. in '08

Seems like he'll be an officer I would have been honored to serve with! Don't let that fire die even when the politics make it sometimes frustrating to serve.


Incredibly moving and genuine. You already are (and will be) an amazing leader, J. I can't wait to see you again.

~Semper Fi~

Suellen Shea

God bless you, Jordan & thanks for your commitment to all of us in this great country we know & love.
As the wife of a retired Marine (1963-1990) I can tell you that will never meet a finer group of men, women & their families than in the Corps.
May God be with you & your fellow Marines.
Suellen A. Shea
(wife of Col. John F. Shea, USMC, ret.)

Jim Cannon

You will never know what the Corps really means to you until long after you have retired. Then you will truely understand why "You joined again".
For me , it was only yesterday, that I stepped off that train in Yamessee, South Carolina, to begin my 24 years in a brotherhood of brothers and Patriots. It was only yesterday that I sailed off on the USS General Black, to be stationed at a small Japanese garrison in Shinodyam, Japan. From there itwas to Okinawa, then back to Quantico. From there to Hawaii and afterward to Camp Pendleton. It was only yesterday that I shipped off to do what I was trained to do....Fight in Vietnam. It was here on this and another tour that the spirit of brotherhood was ingrained in my mind, my heart and my soul. I returned from Vietnam to Quantico to become a Marine Gunner and to return to Vietnam as a 2Lt. to Command a Platoon of Marines.. .. It was only yesterday that I was assigned as the Commanding Officer ...the first COMARCOMDET aboard the USS Mt. Whitney LCC-20 or Fat Albert as we called her. Our journeys to all of the Carribean, the Mediterrianean and most of Europe afforded sights and seeings Most people never get to see. How else could a small town country boy experience the sights that was afforded me in the Corps. Where else could I have experienced such a drgree of Patriotism.
God, how I love the corps....How I miss it. But I have my memories....After all it was only yesterday.
Yes, you will carry it with you the rest of your life and one day you'll look back and realize...."it was only yesterday"

Terrence Arndt

Lt. you are just beginning the greatest and lartest challenge of your life. Nothing is guaranteed that your Marines will follow you. You will have to earn that.

Advice, stay low and fast. Use a lot of supporting arms before Marines and always flank them, never frontal assaults if you have an option.

And listen to your NCOs.

Semper Fi and be safe.

Terry Arndt, former Captain of Marines, RVN

James A Gallagher

Dear Jordan,

God bless and protect you and your troops.

May your values, character and intellect be a source of wise council to accomplish your future missions and to provide for the welfare of your troops.

Semper fidelis,

James Gallagher
LtCol USMC (Ret)

Adrian Garcia

Dear Jordan,

Listen to your gunny. He has a wealth of information that will keep you alive.

Adrian Garcia,
USMC, Vietnam,
1/9, Walking Dead,

Dick Freeman

Beautiful...you'll never do a finer thing than you did when you made the decision to lead Marines.
We, of the Brotherhood of Marines,
salute you and wish you fair winds and following seas...

7th Basic Class, TBS, Quantico '50

Curt Bruce

It was great to read the Lt's. comments. He will do well if he is lucky enough to have as his first platoon sergeant as fine a Marine as I did in Jim Cannon in 3/5.(Feb 20 1647 comment).

Thanks, Lt. Blashek, for your commitment to the Corps and thanks, Jim Cannon, for putting me on the right track early in my career.

Curt Bruce
LtCol of Marines (Ret.)

Cc krulak

This young Officer of Marines touched the Soul of what it means to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. It is a sacred trust...a stewardship...a vocation. God, Country, Family, Corps. It doesn't get any better.

C. C. Krulak, General, USMC (Ret), 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps

CF Hazlewood Jr.

Best decision you have ever made. The leadership skills you hone during your tenure as a Marine Officer will follow you throughout your life. Take care of your men and look after their well being. Never give an order unless it is necessary and find and promote the very best enlisted men to NCO to keep the Corps the best.

Semper Fidelis
CF Hazlewood Jr.
1st Lt. USMC 1979-1983

George M. Barrows Sr

Congratulations Lt.
I am only sorry that I did not pursue the commissioned ststus.
I served for 22 years and retired as a SSGT of Marines in 1967.
I have kept up with the Corps however with duty in the Marine Corps League since 1968.
Would that I could I would love to be back in the Corps and would not hesitate to serve under one who has made this wise decison.
Good luck in your further endeavors.
George M. Barrows Sr SSGT USMC Ret'd

R.L. Vitt, US Navy Corpsman '74-'78

Lt.Blashek is the example of what the real America is about. While I was a Navy Corpsman, my sons have given me the pride that only the father of a Marine father can hold. I saw them turn into men from boys in the weeks at boot camp. They carry themselves with a sense of focus not seen in those who have not served under the Globe and Anchor. It is the same feeling of responsibility and service that Lt. Blashek gives in his leadership of young Marines in todays Corps.

Robert E. Talmadge

As Lt. Blashek will find out, the slogan, "Once a Marine, Always a
Marine" is not an idle one. The
Corps becomes a part of you and you a part of it. After 36 years
of retirement, and almost 63 years since I was sworn in as a Marine recruit, I am still a part of the Corps, going aboard base to talk with young Marines,
(any one under the age of 60)find
out how and what they are doing and giving classes on my war,
The Korean War, to any who want
to listen and even those who don't. Semper Fidelis...
Bob Talmadge, MGySgt, USMC
Retired but not out.

Ken Jordan

Your statement was moving and your decision to join our Corps, even more so. The honor and pride of being a Marine is reflected in the comments from FORMER Marines (there are no ex-Marines)in this series of messages. It's a strong fraternity - for a lifetime. Semper Fi, Ken Jordan,Col. USMC(Ret)

Ronald L . May, D.M.D.

I was a "Green Side Squid"...a Navy Dental officer who served with 3rd MarDiv @ Dong Ha RVN 66/67, then on to MCAS El Toro for 3 more (got 78 hrs in TA-4s).
I made life long comrades/brothers throughout my time of service, many of whom were there at the inauguration of the National Museum, and were at my 70th B-day bash last night. As spoken above, Lt. Blashek has joined the finest organization available to a citizen of this nation in my experience. He has the option of re-appying to Med school in 4 years, and his time "in the Corps" will make him a finer physician/surgeon.
i wish that I had been through the rigors of TBS and subsequent duty, then been able to follow my professional career. I know that I would have been a stronger leader. Blessings for this man with the courage to follow his dream. Semper Fi,
Ron May D.M.D.

Shirley Kunkel

Lt. please know becoming a U.S. Marine, you will live in our hearts long after this life is through. My Marine has passed away, but his spirit lives on in our lives. His buddies do not forget me ... Remember "the streets of heaven are guarded by United States Marines". I am a "Career Marine Wife" since 1959. HE is watching over you, too. Mrs. Henry L.Kunkel (Maj. USMC Ret/DC). Semper Fi...

J Gorman

My ex-father-in-law was a mustang, mud Marine. He fought in every one from WW II to Viet Nam. Retired when he medically had to. He was the epitome of a Marine Officer: a soft-spoken gentlemen in civilian life and a hard core fighting machine in the field. God bless Lt. Blashek and all the Marines. We all sleep better knowing the President's own are on watch and on our side.

J Gorman, USNR(Ret)

Gerry Byrne

Congratulations on joining our family. Your words were real and moving. In Vietnam in 1968 I came across the phrase..."For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a taste that the protected will never know". Important and True.

Semper Fi

Gerry Byrne
Captain, USMC

LtCol Roger E. Kilb-USMC (Ret)

Congratulations. You will cherish your memories of being an Officer of Marines. The adage of "Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen" is oh so true. You are now one of us. I clearly remember stepping off the train in Quantico to be met by two of the finest individuals I have ever met-I didn't realize it at the time though. And only six years later one of those Marines served with me. When he walked into my office he remembered me just like it was yesterday and believe me I rememebered him. Over the next year we shared many stories of those ten weeks although his perspective was far different than mine. I have never regreted my decision to become a Marine Corps officer. Semper Fi Lieutenant and many fond memories.

LtCol USMC(Ret)

Hugh Hunt

You have earned a sacred trust - the leadership of Marines.
Take care of your men.
Listen to your NCOs.
See the hill. Take the hill.

Once a Captain; always a Marine.

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