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February 18, 2010


R. J. VandenBerghe  USMC (Ret)

I'm proud to call this fine Marine my brother and I envy him. I wish that I could do it all over again.
Semper Fi Lieutenant Blashek, our Corps is in good hands.

Ron Pittenger

I predict you will lead an interesting life. Focus on the mission; use your tools wisely.

Welcome to the brotherhood! Semper Fi!

Once a Marine....


Sir, I am very proud of you and your thousands of Marines that serve with you. I spent 30Yrs Active and never regretted joining. It was in 1955 until the saddest day when it was over! RETIRED 1985 in Kailua Hi. Always remember, you SERVE those that follow you,never ever short change them because they respect you and will take care of you. when the order comes to FIX BAYONETS! they will obey your order and CHARGE INTO THE ENEMY FIRE, (no matter what) WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FEW THE PROUD THE MARINES!!!ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE EVEN UNTIL DEATH. I AM 74YRS. GOOD LUCK AND GOD SPEED.SEMPER FI. J MCGUIRK SGTMAJOR OF MARINES RETIRED. THANK YOU

Richard J. Good Sr. CDR USN {Ret.}

I was not a MarCor officer but a Navy officer {30+ yrs.} Assigned duty w/ the Marines for 10 0f those 30 yrs. Five of those 10 yrs. was with the 2ndMarDiv. I am exceedingly proud to have served with the United States Marine Corps! {retired from the Navy at Camp Lejeune, NC while serving w/ the 2ndMarDiv}

Joe Tedeschi

My mom and Dad raised me but it was the Marine Corps that showed me who I could be.
Lt. good luck, you are with the chosen few.
Never let yourself down and you'll never let a fellow Marine down.
Strive for perfection in all you do. Mayor Joe Tedeschi, Fair Lawn NJ. G 2 25th Marines, 1966-1972

Dave Pittelkow



Your active duty time in the Marine Corps will define you...for the rest of your life. Thank God for that.

33 years ago, I was where you are now.

From time-to-time, I come across Marines whom I led as an infantry platoon commander those many years ago. Our fellowship is sweet.

Lead your Marines well, and you will develop realtionships and memories that money couldn't buy.

May God bless you and those whom you will lead, as your serve our great Nation.

Semper Fi, Brother.

Dave Pittelkow
Captain, USMC 1977-1984

Charles H. Hall

Good luck Lieutenant Blashek,
You did the right thing by joining the Marine Corps. I am proud of you.

Enjoy the ride.

LtCol. Charles H.Hall USMCR(Ret)

Allen Cohen Captain, USMC 1967-1978


Robert M. Rosenthal

Lt., May I add my own comment to your marvelous decision to put America First. I have known your mother for a few years and she is so proud of you she could spit! Thank You for your excellent attitude. You are a real man our young men and women can look up to as a fabulous roll model.
Robert Rosenthal, President
The Spirit of America Tour

Hal Covill

Semper Fi, Lt.

Always a pleasure to serve with & under such fine officers as yourself who truely understand the meaning of being a leader/officer of Marines. My foundest memories are of my time serving with the Corps. I was one of those green side corpsmen who had the honor & privledge of being considered a Marine by my fellow Maines. It is an honor that I still wonder if I deserved, but one that I will carry to my grave. To you sir and all of us who served the eagle, globe & anchor. Semper Fi, my brothers!!

Hal Covill, HMCS, FMF, USN(Ret)

Cpl Robert E Olson


Phil Tripician

I'm proud to call you a brother. You make us all grateful that you heard and answered the call.
West Point Class of '60

Nowell C. Wisch

It has been some days since I read this and only today can I comment.

Perhaps it is because the constant stream of tears that well up in my eyes obscures my vision and affects my ability to type. Perhaps it is due to the memory of Marines long gone who I served with, under and beside during "my war" so many decades ago. Perhaps it is in gratitude to a young Jewish man who reminded me of three young Jewish men who, alone in a platoon of twenty-nine other young men, each had to explain to their parents why they wanted to become Marines.

But mostly, it is because (apologies in advance to the doggies, swabbies, guardies and airdales among us) it reminds me why I chose to write the many pages that I recently found in my father's papers, pages necessary to explain to accomplished doctors and Jews why their son found it necessary to join the Marine Corps after one year of college away back in 1969. It articulates what, at the time, was inarticulate. It is for that reason that I am profoundly grateful to Jordan Blashek. He succinctly explained why many of us joined The Few, The Proud, The Marines. While he, unlike I, carries a sword on his dress blues, most every Marine eventually comes to a realization that the decision to join this august group is bigger that self. "We" joined "Us" is a truth most Marines are taught.

As I reread words written on a Sunday afternoon in September of 1969 (on the platoon street outside a Quonset hut), the words of this 19 year old private in RTR Platoon 2029, I am reminded that I was one of the young men that a second lieutenant similar to Jordan would lead in the Viet Nam war.

In addition, I was one of an even smaller group, those Jews who take the road less traveled from teenager to adult along the military road.

Finally, "I am proud to bear the title of United States Marine" (former, not "ex") and I would have been proud to follow "The Skipper" that I'm sure 2nd LT Blashek is, and the officer he will become.

Semper Fi, LT.

SSGT Nowell C. Wisch, USMC
3rd Marine Air Wing
4th Marine Tank Bn


Well said Marine! It's what we chose, the burden, memories, and internal satisfaction is ours.

Marine's never forget their service for their country, lets us hope that others who did not follow our path remember as well.


Hey man, treasure every day in your first tour in the FMF. The intensity, the cameraderie with your fellow lieutenants, the sense of shared purpose will seldom be reprised in later life. I'm Yale '81 and did just 3 years of active duty, but remember it as fondly as any time of my life. It is a beautiful, clean feeling to know you'll never have to answer for your honor.

Ed Hanna

Dedicated young men and women like you are a treasure for our country. God Speed. Thank you for your service.
Ed Hanna, LT USN 1961-1965


"Retreat, Hell, I just got here."

nandheeswaran jothi

I am very glad you made the choice.... a choice, i failed to make when i was 22, and had regretted ever since.... for the last 32 years.


I suspect my late father, a gunny in the 2nd Marine Raiders, would have been glad to have Lt. Blashek in command.

Best wishes

wes  parker

u and other service men are my heroes i look forward on being a marine some day like u my dad and grandfather



Incredibly moving--and heartening to those of us who, at times, despair for our country. With men like this to guard us while we sleep, our great nation will never be defeated. Thank you Lt. Blashek.

Richard Munro

Outstanding. OO-RAH. "moto-moto-moto-motivation! We're the best in the whole d- nation. OO-Rah MARINE CORPS. OO-rah MARINE CORPS!!

Proud to be part of the same thin long Blue Line. Congraulations, Marine! And Semper Fi forever.

R. Munro (USMCR 1973-1977)

John Cunningham

Robert A Heinlein put it well--"A man can have no fate more noble than to place his mortal body between his beloved home and the war's desolation."

T.J. Evrard

Ah Yes!

Proud to serve Sir! The United States Marine Corps...where every day is a holiday and every meal a feast!!

Semper Fi
Thomad J. Evrard-Sgt. '63-'68

Doug Esposito, USAF 1986-1995, Gulf War Pilot

Take care of the men and women assigned to you. The enlisted/NCO ranks are absolutely filled with outstanding people. To this day, I still recall the E-8 that took me under his wing when I was a brand new Lt...I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was smart enough to let him teach me...smartest thing I did.

You represent everything that is right with this generation. Thank you for your commitment to this country.

Vincent W. Arena

Jordan, you have certainly come a long way from that fine young man and his family that I met in Tahiti. Thank you, and may God Bless you for protecting my family, and all of our nation. It's because of young men like yourself that we are able to rest at night.

Vince Arena

Richard Cacek

There was a Don
Harris in PLC platoon at Camp Upshur in 1962. I am interest in knowing if you are the one and the same.

Chuck Mansfield

I'm a former Marine captain and a Vietnam veteran who attended OCS in the summer of 1965. Lt. Blashek is a credit to our Corps and our country.

I have written a book, which covers, among other things, my service in the Corps and in Vietnam. In it there is a chapter on OCS. For more info, please visit www.chuck-mansfield.com.

Semper fidelis,

Chuck Mansfield

Kevin Brooks

With your incredible "explanation" of your decision to join the Corps, you have elicited extraordinary comments from a former Commandant (Gen. Krulak), a Medal of Honor hero (Col. Wes Fox), 2 of my Basic School classmates and a host of fine former Marines and other servicemen and women. That alone should demonstrate to you the wisdom of your choice. You are now a proud member of one of the most exclusive fraternities on earth: the Marine Officer. Now that you are a member, remember the simple rules: complete your mission, trust your NCO's, listen to their advice, protect your Marines and always use supporting arms.
God bless you, Marine, and the men you lead. Semper Fi!
Col. Kevin Brooks, USMCR (Ret) 1963-1992

Kyle Krause

I am looking for Bill Wellman retired Master Gunnery Sergeant originally of 2d Bn, 7th Marines 1986-88 I am listed in Mokelumne Hill CA. Please pass on to Bill if you know how to reach him

Lcpl Brett Thomas

Oorah Sir!
USMC 2007-2011

Elizabeth Davis

Semper Fi. From one Marine to another. Welcome to the brotherhood. Take care of your men, and above all listen to your NCO's.

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