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Boker tov, Boulder!

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April 27, 2010



It doesn't seem nearly sufficient to simply say, Thank you. Hang on, I'll think of something.... Wait... wait... Where are the WORDS? I had some here somewhere... They were on the back of an envelope...

While I'm looking, Mazal tov and Happy Blogiversary yourself! JCI is even older than BtB :)

Daniel E Levenson

Hi, What a nice note - I actually have not heard of this blog before, but I'll be sure to check it out. As the editor of www.newvilnareview.com an online journals dedciated to exploring questions of modern Jewish identity, I am always on the lookout for new ideas (and new takes on old ideas). I'm glad I found your blog and I'll certainly be back to have another look in the future. We are based in Boston so I feel like I have a pretty good sense of what is going on here in the Jewish community, but connecting to blogs in other places really helps me to keep informed about what else is going on in the American Jewish community.

manny jakel

Yael, Stay healthy and stay just as you are. Refined, Aristocratiche as they used to say back when, and with the energy of Victoria Falls.

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