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Boker tov, Boulder!

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September 14, 2010


Arnold Levin

I agree- I'm glad my brother shared this with me since we've both been married many years. Just goes to show you that this cover of a "Fiddle on the Roof" song is still timeless. Didn't hurt that the way this production was rehearsed in secret and the genuine surprise the bride showed made this a current 'classic'.


I really wish we could have done something like this 21 years ago when I got married.

I loved it. Mazel Tov to the both of you and may you have many Naches for your future :)

Eva Reever

The video's so awesome! Your bride seemed to be surprised, too! I just got married to my loving husband last month in Louisville. Wedding planner took care of everything just to make the wedding work. The wedding venue's great also here in Louisville. Wedding venues that has been done here got so successful, because of its peacefulness and great climate.

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