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November 24, 2010



I am a Jew.

Mannie Sherberg

Rick -- many thanks for this. What a bracing message! Ani yehudi!

Chris Moyler

Dear JCI,
I am a Gentile who loves Israel dearly. I was delighted to read this piece by Dan Sporn. It is so true that Israel not only has survived but indeed thrives against all the odds, and will always continue to survive against everything that her enemies can throw at her. She is indeed the most important of all the nations, and always will be. All that is most precious within the Gentiles has come through her hands. But I was also sad as I read. I was sad that not one word of thanks was given to the One who gave her birth, through the Blood Covenant with the Patriarchs. The One who cut that covenant with Abraham so long ago, continues to sustain Israel to this day through that same Eternal Covenant. It was He that brought her back to her own land, and it is through His blessing that Israel now thrives. Sadly, Israel has historically not responded well to blessing, as the record of the Torah is not afraid to state. She frequently forgot the One who blessed her, and began to become proud, as if the blessings were solely of her own making. Today is much the same. She has indeed laboured very hard, but let not that success turn into a wrongful pride. The Lord tends his people with great care, and is never afraid to prune her when she needs it. Rejoicing in success and prosperity, without giving true heartfelt thanks to Him, lines Israel up for pruning. I share these words as one who Loves Israel dearly. Now she is home once more, she must find her true covenant roots. She has been regathered for a very definite purpose, and that purpose is far more profound than mere success and prosperity- important as those things are. Shalom from the UK Chris Moyler

Gerald Ford

At age 65 and after a 50 year wait, I became a Jew - ani Yehudi. I take no pride in things I had no part in creating or being born into. But I take great pride in becoming and being a Jew - I chose it - I choose it still - I choose it forever.

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