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July 01, 2012


Mannie Sherberg

Thanks, Rick: A worthy tribute to a worthy Jew. I was always impressed with Mr. Shamir's freedom from humbug and fakery. He was one of a generation of Zionists with an aversion to pious niceties and empty gestures. They knew that meaningless platitudes and demagogic speechifying were luxuries that a people living under the constant threat of pogrom could not afford. So -- very much in the mode of Jabotinsky -- Mr. Shamir became a truth-teller, something the lying schemers with whom he often had to deal and the equally mendacious journalists who reported on him could neither cope with nor appreciate. He was an honorable man in a perverse world that often chooses to dishonor honorable men. There is a line in the Talmud that says, "The place does not honor the man; the man honors the place." Yitzhak Shamir honored every place upon which he stood. May his memory be a blessing.

Rick Richman

Mannie -- Jabotinsky, Begin, and Shamir shared a common trait: they not only were not afraid to speak the truth as they saw it, but had the courage to risk their lives in support of it, Jabotinsky in the Jewish Legion in WWI that helped produce the Balfour Declaration; Begin in the Irgun; and Shamir in the Lehi. Their combination of words and deeds helped create and then sustain the modern Jewish State. In varying degrees, none of them has yet received his full historical due, and Shamir has received the least thanks of all for his uncharismatic courage. May his memory be not only a blessing but a lesson.


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